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About Us

Welcome to the number one place to find quality information in and about Nigeria. It's people, places, events and happenings featuring news, a directory, travel, encyclopedia, events, and classified sections.

Founded in 2008 was originally conceptualized by Visionary C.E.O King Ifeanyi Oruruo as an alternative and direct competitor for U.S search engines like Google and Bing. It was an upgrade from an earlier system he designed as an amateur web designer in 2005 called
Between 2005 and 2008 he had gone through a big transition in life and business having acquired much more knowledge through his operation of an advertising and marketing corporation. He therefore understood that kingknows needed much more background resources and complex functions to thoroughly compete and he founded to do just that. As he built he began to develop interests in moving back to Nigeria and that threw a wrench in his plans and he stopped developing.

He went full force into developing his U.S marketing company Kingedge, Inc which later became C-SWAGGER and Finally SAMPP (Super Advertising Marketing and Promotions Partners). During this period he also attempted to set up a business in Nigeria and found it very frustrating that he could not find any information online. The dependency on relatives and friends to do menial research that a simple Google search should have provided annoyed him. He revisited the idea this time with full intention to deploy from Nigeria.

For the next 3 years he saved, planned and built preparing for a planned return in 2011. Today is alive and well in Nigeria and in just 1 year of its full incursion into Nigeria has become the most reliable source of information. It houses a Business Directory, Encyclopedia, Travel, Events, News and Classifieds sections among others. It also features special modules for different independent logs (called pages). These modules allow businesses, personalities, organizations and associations to build rich semi-independent systems leveraging Logbaby’s technologies.

Today has strong physical representation in Lagos, Abuja and Enugu. It is head quartered in the serene and fast growing city of Enugu in Enugu State (in South Eastern Nigeria).

We employe the best with a focus on young and passionate staff from all over the world, we do not over emphasize experience or education but focus on character, drive and expertise. Here we believe in opportunity and in building our staff to be strong and thinking individuals while making sure they understand how to merge that independence with our corporate culture.

We are a company deeply devoted to the Nigeria people and although we are no limited in our pursuits by the boundaries of this great nation we feel much at home here. To the world - we are coming, let us finish with home and we will bring you the best of what we have learned and ensure the same devotion to you.
Note: is a division of LOGBABY GROUP.