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Motorists lament morning robbery under Mile 2 Bridge

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Some motorists have called on the Lagos State Government to tackle early morning robbery at the Mile 2 Bridge on the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway area.

They made this appeal on Friday in separate interviews with our correspondent. The motorists lamented that robbers had made it a custom to harass vehicles every morning, especially around the Mile 2 Bridge.

PUNCH Metro had reported on May 9, 2014 that bandits were taking advantage of the ongoing construction work in the area and the usual heavy traffic in the evening to attack motorists.

However, our correspondent learnt that morning commuters were also not spared of the robbery.

A civil servant, Mr. Andrew Fiyinfoluwa, said private vehicles were mostly the target of the morning robberies.

“On Tuesday, At about 6.20am, I saw some robbers going from bus to bus. Most of their targets were private vehicle owners. They struggled for the steering with the drivers and in the process, robbed their victims.

“Some of us shouted, ‘thief, thief’, but annoyingly, they were not even afraid. I think they knew that no security official was around to apprehend them. Later, we kept quiet, fearing that they might be having dangerous weapons, and could attack our vehicles,” he added.

PUNCH Metro further gathered that some of the hoodlums made use of motorcycles, which were parked nearby, to escape from security operatives. It was also learnt that they usually go into hiding at about 7.30am when security operatives arrive for duty.

Another eyewitness, a trader, Mrs. Sadiat Sobande, added that the men were not masked, adding that most times, they target vehicles which have female drivers or those with one or two people.

“Almost every day around 6am, you will find them around the bridge. As a result of the heavy traffic when descending the bridge, most vehicles usually move slowly, and then you will suddenly see two to three men robbing from vehicle to vehicle with ease,” she noted.

In her reactions, the Lagos State Police Spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, said there had been no official complaints to the police divisions in the area. She added that constant patrol had always been put in place.

“The Area Commander told me they have yet to receive any reports of such. And in any case, the police have a 24-hour patrol in that area.

“We understand that as a result of the construction work, hoodlums might want to take advantage of such, but we have been having patrols.

“Our RSS vehicles are stationed around there as part of these patrols,” she said.

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Updated 5 Years ago

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