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For rainy season

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May.03, 2013


Along with the showers comes the risk of various diseases like food poisoning, diarrhoea, dysentery and cholera. Again, in rainy season, digestion is generally weak. Therefore, you should eat less. It is also essential to fast once a week or fortnight.

People eat some incorrect food during this time and fall sick. To protect your health, follow this dietary guideline:

•Avoid heavy, salty food, as it promotes water retention and bloating. It is better to have medium or low salt food

•Eat foods which are drying in nature, the most popular being corn, and oats, among others. Eating watery foods like rice and watermelon creates swelling in the body

•Maintain the general hygiene while eating out and definitely avoid roadside vendors, as very few people have the high immunity to handle the bacterial overload at such places

•The milk is the better diet in this season. Drink butter milk, as it improves digestion. Oily food should be taken in less quantity

•Eat light foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, etc.; and avoid too much of meat or fish. One can also enjoy grilled foods which need minimum oil/butter

•Avoid foods which are very sour, as they promote water retention, which leads to a series of uncomfortable symptoms such as sluggishness, feelings of hunger and feeling weighed down

•Avoid salads or choose warm/steamed salads as there are many infectious organisms in this season

•Avoid fried foods, as they decrease the digestive efficiency

•Wash all green vegetables thoroughly as a lot of worms and insects are hidden in the leafy vegetables

•And, of course, enjoy the tea on a wonderful rainy day, but make sure that the rest of the diet is health friendly

•Consume a lot of bitter vegetables and bitter herbs, as they prevent infection

•Fresh foods are ideal for rainy seasons, so go for freshly cooked food.

•Also, you can add ginger, garlic, and turmeric in your food to improve your immune


Article Credit: Punch Newspaper

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