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‘Protect your heart with garlic’

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A healthy heart begins with a healthy diet. Reducing excessive saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium is a first recommendation. Adequate intake of fruits, vegetables, water, calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids is encouraged to support a healthy heart. Garlic is good for that. Garlic supplements can be placed into the following four categories: Garlic oil; garlic powder; garlic oil macerates and aged garlic extract.


Aged Garlic Extract: Made from organically grown garlic, which is crushed and then naturally cold-aged for up to 20 months converting harsh, odorous and irritating compounds into compounds which are safe, stable and odorless.

• Kyolic is gentler on the intestinal tract than other forms of garlic and its constituents may even enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria. Standardised for s-allyl cysteine which is stable, odorless, safe, and has been proven to be absorbed and utilised by the body (s-allyl cysteine has demonstrated various benefits in studies such as reducing cholesterol synthesis in liver cells, enhancing the activity of cells in the body which fight infections, and reducing the growth of tumors in animals). More than four decades of usage in both Japan and the United States. Boasts of more than 100 studies published in scientific journals confirming the safety and effectiveness of both it and the ingredients it contains. Does not have the offensive aroma of raw garlic or other forms of garlic. It is known as the “sociable garlic”. Kyolic’s garlic is all natural and is organically grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract has been researched and proven to enhance circulation and reduce a wide range of cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated homocysteine, serum cholesterol, triglycerides and platelet aggregation.


What is KYOLIC good for?

KYOLIC may be ideal for nourishing the body and thereby may support the recommended therapy your health care provider advises. Some studies have suggested that Aged Garlic Extract and some of its constituents may reduce cholesterol, thin the blood, protect the body from oxidants, and increase the activity of cells in the body which maintains general well-being during cold and flu season, protects the body from radiation exposure, and destroys tumor cells (limited evidence in animal models only). Aged Garlic Extract may also increase the activity of enzymes in the liver which function to detoxify the body from heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins. KYOLIC® is not a magic bullet, will not work equally for everyone, and should be taken in conjunction with, not in place of sound therapy recommended by your health care professional.

It is a nutritional support for: Those with elevated cholesterol levels. Those with highly stressful lifestyles. Those who desire possible nutritional protection from heavy metals and chemicals. Those who desire to minimise the effects of radiation and chemical exposure.Those who desire to maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Those who desire additional nutritional support during cancer therapy.


How much KYOLIC is equal to one clove of garlic?

First of all, it is important to understand that whenever garlic is processed in any way, whether cooked, crushed, pickled or aged, as our product is, the chemistry changes. For that reason, one form of garlic cannot be compared to or considered equal to another form. If you look at active ingredients, 1 gram of raw garlic contains only 50 mcg of S-allyl cysteine (SAC), but 1 gram of KYOLIC® Aged Garlic Extract™ contains 1,000 mcg of SAC. Thus, it takes 20 grams of raw garlic to be equivalent to 1 gram of Aged Garlic Extract on the basis of SAC. If you look at SAMC, fructosyl arginine, carbolines, you can’t compare them because raw garlic does not have any of these beneficial compounds. Though it is not exactly the same as raw garlic, it has still demonstrated the benefits of garlic without the undesirable effects such as odor problems or stomach disorders often associated with the ingestion of raw garlic. So, KYOLIC® may be more beneficial, gentler and more desirable for supplementation purposes than raw garlic or other garlic product.

During the aging process, which KYOLIC® undergoes, bioconversion of odourous, harsh and irritating compounds in raw garlic yields non-odourous, stable, safe and effective compounds, to which many of the benefits of garlic have been attributed. There are more than 200 different compounds in garlic. Many of these compounds (such as fructanes, saponins, a protein fraction, etc.) naturally have no odor. Aged Garlic Extract has numerous non-odourous compounds. More than 100 scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Aged Garlic Extract and its constituents, demonstrating nutritional support for the cardiovascular system, cancer prevention, detoxification, etc.

Article Credit: The Nation Newspaper

Updated 7 Years ago

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