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Seal: 7

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Album: 7

Artist: Seal

Release Date: November 6, 2016

Featured Artist: None

Singles: (See video) Everytime am with You, Do You Ever

Label: Warner Bros, 143

More on the Artist: See Logbaby's Biography of Seal (Musician)


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No Songs Writers Lenght
1 "Daylight Saving" Seal, Stephan Moccio, Trevor Horn 4:50
2 "Everytime I'm With You" Seal,Simon Bloor, T.Horn 4:31
3 "Life on the Dancefloor"  Seal, Janiel Odell 5:14
4 "Padded Cell" Seal, Bloor, Aaron Horn, T.Horn, Loius Cole 4:08
5 "Do You Ever" Seal, Justin Parker, T.Horn 4:36
6 "The Big Love Has Died" Seal, Bloor, T.Horn 4:30
7 "Redzone Killer" Seal, Bloor, A.Horn, T.Horn 4:22
8 "Monascow" Seal, Joel Compass, T.horn 4:10
9 "Half a Heart" Seal, Echosmith, Jeffery David,Philip Bentley 3:54
10 "Love" Seal 4:26
11 "Big Time" Seal, David 4:35





Official Video: Everytime Am With You by Seal




Official Video: Do You Ever by Seal


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