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Old Oyo National Park

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Old Oyo National Park


The Old Oyo National Park is situated in the Upper Ogun/Oyo Ile forest reserves. It has a total land area of 2,512 square kilometers with an average annual rainfall of 1,100mm. The Old Oyo National Park also contains the ruins of the original  city of Oyo, capital of the historical Yoruba Oyo Kingdom that was sacked in the late 18th century by the Oyo war leader, Afonja of Ilorin, with the help of Hausa/Fulani jihadists.



Tourists and visitors to the Park are required to obtain entry permits from the Park Office going into the park.

The vegetation in Old Oyo is forest Savannah woodland. The area has a rich population of both bids and mammals including elephants, buffaloes, Roan Antelopes, Western Hartebeest, Kob, Duiker, Patas monkey, lions etc. The following reptiles are also in abundance: the Nile Crocodile, Rock Python, Land Tortoise, the Cobra, and Gabon Viper. Birds found here include the Guinea Fowl, Hammerkop, White Headed Plover, African Fish Eagle, Bush Fowl, Grey Heron, etc.

The Park has good affordable accommodation for tourists. Room rates average N800 (about US$5) per night. Accessibility is good year round, but the best time to visit the park is during the dry season between December and April. Sport fishing is available. - Tourism Nigeria, Old Oyo National Park

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