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Ben Okri: Dangerous Love

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Genre Pages First Publisher First Publish Date
Fiction 416 W&N April 8, 1996



Ben Okri is a Nigerian Poet and Novelist, Famous for the 1991 novel ‘The Famished Road’ which won the Booker Prize for Fiction making him the world's youngest ever winner of the prize.He was born on the 15th of May 1959 in Minna the capital of Niger to Grace and Silver Okri. His father is an Urhobo man while his mother is half....Read More



Okri to paint a very complex portrait of his characters, to elevate Dangerous Love from a simple love story along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, which has already been retold plenty, to a book that tackles identity and modernity-Chis Toe

The book is a feather in the cap of a writer who has become the leading figure of his generation of Nigerian writers, who have come a long way from the social and historical themes of Chinua Achebe. It brings together an enchanting mix of the modernist narrative strategy and the ''African'' oral and literary tradition-Kolkata

 Okri’s Dangerous Love manages to present a view of the Nigerian contemporary life that exudes a sense of energy and vitality in an environment that promises not only ethereal delight and a fair share of mystery but as well the intricacies of the author’s societal identity and cultural inclinations.-Henry Akubuiro  Okri offers his readers a ghost story
in modern garb, with details that are more likely to unsettle than delight-Ted Gioia



Excerpt from The Famished Road

"If your work can surprise you then you have started something worthwhile." - Omovo

"An inner darkness is darker than an outer darkness." - Omovo
". . .we have no Van Goghs, no Picassos. no Monets, no Goyas, no Salvador Dalis, no Sisleys. Our real lives and confusions have not been painted yet." - Old Woman
". . .the perceived  world became unfamiliar images were re-ordered into freshly juxtaposed fragments by a disinterested visions." - Omovo
"We can't be lost. There is an exit somewhere." - Keme
"God is playing games with us." - Omovo
"Life has no patterns and has no threads." - Omovo
". . .to fail was not a crime." - Omovo
"What happened had to happen. We shall seek the true meaning of our lives. This is a dream we might wake up one day." - Okur
"It's a dream from which we might wake up one day.He hoped they would not wake up too late, when the nightmare had gone too far, when nothing could be done anymore." - Okur
"Life would take care of its own." - Ifeyiwa's Mother
"Weeping doesn't really do anything. It only cleanses us prepares us for more weeping. Meanwhile the mad world goes on. Wicked things happening. This world has forgotten how to love. The gods don't respond to weeping anymore."  - Walt Whitman
". . .the peace seemed an uneasy one." - Ifeyiwa
"To learn how to remember creatively is to learn how to feel."  - Dr. Okocha
"The young boys nowadays don't respect old people." - Old Man
The ugly truth conversation of Omovo and Dr. Okocha
"We don't look at ugly things enough."  - Omovo
"Craft is important. The greater the idea, the greater the craft you need." - Dr. Okocha
"Ugliness is the face we always turn away from. When things are bad, people don't want to face the truth."- Dr. Okocha
"In ugliness, we see ourselves as we never want to." - Omovo
"Ugliness festers while the people cry for images if beauty, for illusions." - Dr. Okocha
 ". . . how can we be happy if there is so much ugliness around and if we paint the ugly truth?" - Omovo
"How can we be happy if we lie to ourselves?" - Omovo
"Everything you feel and see now will be your reservoir later." - Dr.Okocha
"Art is a poor substitute for real life." - Dr. Okocha
"Don't live only in your head. You are in the world." - Dr.Okocha
"In dreams begins responsibility." - An Indian Poet
"We cast our nets out into the darkness and draw in ourselves. Sometimes, if we are fortunate, we also bring back. . .bright corals, . . .bright things. . .with light and wonder." - Dr. Okocha
". . .learn how to look clearly, look more carefully, without strain, without prejudice." - Omovo
"Our society is a battlefield. Poverty, corruption and hunger are the bullets. Bad governments are the bombs."  - Okoro
"One should live as fully and as freely as possible." - Okoro
"There are too many unnecessary struggles in our lives. It's a struggle to wake up in the morning, to bath, to struggle to catch a bus, to go to work, and make a decent living. It's a struggle to come back from work, to relax, to have electricity and running water, to get a good woman, and to keep her.It feels like a lifetime struggle." - Dele
"Sometimes, life is very hard."  - Omovo
"Dreams can betray lives." - Ifeyiwa
"This world is so wicked. - Ifeyiwa
"When the darkness is recent there is almost nothing to guide you." - Omovo
"Yesterday i but a dream." - Ifeyiwa
"In dreams begin responsibilities. In loss begins art." - Dr. Okocha
". . .and tomorrow is just a vision. . .But today well lived makes yesterday is a dream of happiness. . .and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore, to this day." - Dr. Okocha
"Life is so strange." - Omovo
"There are some things one never forgets, things one shouldn't forget." - Omovo
"Too many people are afraid to look at the dark side of things, to look at the things that are there." - Omovo
"One gets lost too quickly in the city." - Omovo
"Art is a poor approximation , but the best we have." - Omovo
"Lord may this life always surprise me - fill every crack with light - when we are falling, Lord, make us like the spider that can build its own web as net - may good things always flow into us -and when we most need it, Lord, show us a silver way- a secret way." - Omovo
"Our life is in God's  hands." - Omovo
"Let the dead stay dead." - Omovo
"What must we do to save ourselves from the termites and the maggots that eat at our dreams?" - Omovo.


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Ben Okri

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