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United Bank for Africa (UBA)

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Brief History

Today’s United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is the product of the merger of Nigeria’s third (3rd) and fifth (5th) largest banks, namely the old UBA and the erstwhile Standard Trust Bank Plc (STB) respectively, and a subsequent acquisition of the erstwhile Continental Trust Bank Limited (CTB). The union emerged as the first successful corporate combination in the history of Nigerian banking. 

UBA’s history dates back to 1948 when the British and French Bank Limited (“BFB”) commenced business in Nigeria and the erstwhile STB and CTB both in 1990. Following Nigeria’s independence from Britain, UBA was incorporated in 1961 to take over the business of BFB. Although today’s UBA emerged at a time of industry consolidation induced by regulation, the consolidated UBA was borne out of a desire to lead the domestic sector to a new era of global relevance by championing the creation of the Nigerian consumer finance market, leading a private/public sector partnership at supporting the acceleration of Nigeria’s economic development, and growing the institution from a banking to a one-stop financial services institution, while spreading its footprints across Africa to earn the reputation as the face of banking in the continent.

Today, United Bank for Africa Plc, is one of Africa’s leading financial institutions offering universal banking to more than 7.2 million customers across 700 Business Offices in 19 African countries. With presence in New York, London and Paris, UBA is your partner for banking services for Africans and African related businesses globally.


Our strength as a group lies primarily in our diverse people and their limitless capacity to bring their passion to bear on the development and delivery of innovative products and services, creation of excellent customer experience and delivery of results. We have created a corporate culture founded upon strong organizational values and performance-driven operating norms. Other attributes are;

1. Largest bank by total assets in West Africa and largest bank by total deposits in the Nigerian Market hence capable of maintaining a significant market share. In the developing Nigerian economy the Bank anticipates that it will be able to partake significantly in financing some of the upcoming opportunities in power, telecommunication amongst other sectors.

2. Widest reach in Nigeria, presence in the regional and international financial markets.

3. Diverse customer base of leading large corporates, high net worth individuals and wide coverage of the retail market. The Bank believes that using its wide reach, it will be able to acquire s further share of the retail market, retain and increase the number of large corporate institutions it does business with.

4. Strong, reputable financing relationship with most State Governments and the Federal Government and has been able to consummate large transactions for both levels of government.

5. Experienced management team with a proven track record. The Bank’s management has substantial experience in the Nigerian banking industry. Management is focused on introducing and maintaining a culture with an emphasis on setting and meeting strategic objectives. The Bank’s management believes it has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver on its strategic objectives.

6. Strong balance sheet with conservative risk management. Despite its growth, the Bank has maintained its focus on risk management. The Bank continues to undertake a review of its risk management processes, as a result of which the Bank believes it has advanced its risk management processes and loan approval procedures.

7. Strong profitability. The Bank believes that it is one of the most profitable financial institutions in Nigeria and will continue to produce and maintain this position.

8. Competitive advantage in the industry on basis of the Bank’s information technology platform which allows the Bank to achieve faster customer service, greater centralisation of back-office functions and increased process automation.

9. Full coverage of all segments of the financial markets through the Bank’s dedicated and streamlined subsidiaries. These areas include investment banking, asset management, trustee business, registrars business, stockbroking business, insurance business, pension fund custodian amongst others.

10. Strong corporate social responsibility will enhance the Bank’s brand image and will ensure it continues to give back to the society through UBA Foundation.


The management team of the group is made up of a crop of seasoned and industry-recognized professionals with diverse but complementary skills in various backgrounds as well as depths of experiences (garnered from national and international institutions). 
Over the years, these executives have brought their knowledge, experience and leadership to bear in the development and delivery of solutions (through products and services) to meet the needs of our customers, and in the process contributing to sustaining the performance of the group till date








Phone 234 700 2255 822, 234 1 280 8822
Address Oluwalogbon House, Plot A. Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja
Fax 234 1 280 8448, 234 1 631


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