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Tansian University, Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria

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......Scientia potestas et virtus... 


About Us

Quite unlike most tertiary institutions, Tansian University was not born out of a desire to make name and acquire material wealth, but to fulfill an innate desire to develop youths and empower them for the challenges of a changing world. To achieve this, the Father-Founder Very Rev. Msgr Prof. John Bosco Akam started the development process from kindergarten, primary to secondary schools education as well as the destitute and physically challenged institutions which explain why he is popularly known as Father of Enlighten and Legend of Education. To extend the scope  of youths, Prof Akam founded Tansian University, named after a rare African First Nigeria to be beatified – Blessed Cyprain Michael Iwene Tansi.


Licensed by the Federal Government under the close supervision of the National Universities Commission (NUC) on May 17th, 2007, Tansian University is determined to actualize its vision of being a dynamic institution with the  noble philosophy of inculcating sound, high quality education, without compromising any moral issue. And since inception, the University has continued to offer relevant academic programmes designed to produce highly qualified graduates that will be acceptable locally and globally and young men and women imbued with love of universal truth for the benefit of mankind. So far, we are consistently pursuing excellence and effectiveness in teaching with a view to producing knowledgeable and skilled graduates equipped to make positive contributions towards the resolution of societal ills.

Very Rev. Msgr Prof. John Bosco Akam


Tansian University products are, therefore being equipped with the ability for critical and local analysis, effective language communication, numeric and information communication technology (ICT) skills. At the end of their studies, graduates of Tansian University are capable of exhibiting sound moral judgment befitting African culture and aesthetic values.

In Tansian University, you will not only receive a blueprint for saving the world, your world and our country, Nigeria, but you will be given some fundamental principles, which if followed with confidence, will help you be a ‘success story’ to your generation.

Making a difference is the major thrust of the philosophy of Tansian University. That is the dream of the Father Founder and Pro-Chancellor of the University –to breed new ideas, fresh solution, new perspectives.


The motto of Tansian University is “Scientia Potestas et Virtus” (Knowledge is power and virtue). Students of the University are flourished with all essential requisites for the pursuit of academic excellence and moral values which during and after their period of studies metamorphose into humble, honest and successful life.


To be among the foremost world-class Christian Universities, dedicated to raising a new generation of leaders in all fields of human endeavour.


To foster the individual student’s intellectual, personal, cultural, and ethical development; to build knowledge and restore the pride of the black man by way of a Human Development; Total Man Concept driven curriculum; employing innovative, leading edge; teaching and learning methods; research and professional services that encourage integrated, life-applicable, life-transforming education, relevant to the context of Science, Technology and Human Capacity Building.


The University’s Anthem comprises the virtues of service, respect, honour and love for God and humanity. The significance of this anthem lies in the fact that it is drawn from the socio-spiritual values that contributed to the beatification of Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi. The following are the lyrics of the anthem;


Tansian University (2x)
Home of active learning and high quality education
Knowledge is power, knowledge is virtue

Scientia Potestas et Virtus
A citadel of learning to immortalize Blessed Iwene Tansian
A citadel of good living for all people without distinction
A citadel where Christ is the Centre for this ages and ages to come
So may we pray God to lead us on
In this life and in the life to come

Tansian University (2x)

What stands as the USP of Tansian University derives from the paragon socio-spiritual virtues of Blessed Iwene Tansi in whose name and memory the University is dedicated. Some of the virtues are;

  1. Discipline – both theoretical and practical
  2. Courage/boldness –unafraid of the unknown
  3. Faith in God and in self
  4. Special interest/commitment to the education and development of young people

The foregoing virtues are being inculcated in every Tansian University student.


Higher education in all forms –tradition modem, formal and information – has always emphasized the transforming role of education irrespective of the extent of attainment. Today, that role has become increasingly challenging given the acceleration of history, globalization and knowledge driven economy. This triple phenomenon has resulted in breathtaking transformation in society that queues the relevant values of University.


At Tansian University;

  1. Education is broad based with due emphasis on personality development, to facilitate adaptability to rapidly changing and highly unpredictable conditions
  2. Students are equipped with learning-to-team skills, and not mere encyclopedic knowledge while emotional intelligence is accorded equal attention as mental/cognitive knowledge.
  3. Curriculum content is organized in a more flexible manner, with great integration of disciplines.
  4. The structuring of departments and colleges gives way for more issues - related organizational structure.
  5. Lecturers allows for exploration of issues and task-oriented practical activities by students
  6. Academics are more field-oriented with a multi-disciplinary orientation
  7. Graduates of Tansian University are expected to be life-skilled, with certificates based not simply on how we but more on how well we have learnt to learn.

In the process of striving for improved transformative role in the society, the University adopted the concept of knowledge management, which will in itself be an invention of movers of the knowledge – economy. However, this new idea of Tansian University education has some implications. These implications emanate from the exercise of the triple mandate of Knowledge Creation, 
Transformation and Knowledge Dissemination.


In Tansian University tutorial classes run without unscheduled breaks, as we have a good number of both foreign lecturers and foreign students. The University forward results to parents and students shortly after examinations


Science laboratories and workshops are equipped to meet the challenges of rolling out well-groomed and skilled graduates.


The University Library is gradually turning into a modern resource centre that facilitates learning, teaching and research. With the recent elevation of the centre to an E-Library (Visual Library) with user-friendly milieu, Tansian University has become the centre of scholarly activities.


The male and female hostels are built to give students comfort and enabling environment for study. 

In order to enhance integration of Tansian University students into the Nigeria labour market, the University commenced Tansian Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) with a view to helping them acquire job-creating skills and entrepreneurship acumen which can assist them to becoming job-creators rather than being job-seekersafter graduation. Foreign professors and experts have been invited for this purpose headed by a Canadian, Mr. Darren Clifford and is free of charge for all students of the University.


Through ICT sector development, Tansian University has succeeded in attracting substantial local and foreign direct investment that has helped in development of high-tech in the University, to ensure that students are equipped with Information Communication Technology.


Tansian University has a crop of resourceful, well-blended and achievement-oriented staff. This includes experienced and leading scholars and professors in various disciplines as well as an efficient support and service staff. Through programmes of systematic development the University is building a core of dedicated staff for today and tomorrow.


The University has included extra-curricula activities like drama, dancing, film show, showcasing of cultural heritage, sporting activities to encourage the social life of students as man tends to improve the standard of his relationship in the environment where he lives.


AERIAL: The University’s take-off campus is located at Oba, Anambra State, a very short detour from Owerri-Onitsha Express Road. The campus appears more majestic when viewed from the hills that overlook Oba town. The charm of the University can best be savoured by moving through the premises. A visitor may temporarily get lost but will soon find himself fascinated by the quaint passage-ways, the security tower, the imposing structure housing the digitalized library. ICT block, tempting and magnificent structure housing the laboratories, the administrative block, the ultra-modern auditorium are better seen than imagine – superlatively superb. As the day draws to dust, the settling sun casts a warm glow over the monuments of the University. From a distance, two monumental edifices dominate the skyline –the male and female hostel – brilliantly designed and structured to give the students comfort and enabling environment for study. The lecture halls are something extra-ordinary to savour. Also as you enter the University, you are ecclesiastically welcomed by a sight that takes breath away from you –the huge statue of Blessed Iwene Tansi in whose memory the University is built –dominates a small square.


Day-In-Day-Out structures are springing up at the Permanent site of the University at Umunya near Onitsha, Anambra State. With over 4000 plots of land adorned with natural atmosphere, confluence of two stream and undulating topography, the University is working assiduously towards movement to the permanent site.




Address Tansian University, Umunya P.o. Box 375, Oba; Anambra State


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