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Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited, Lagos

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Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited is a market research agency in Nigeria managed by people with deep passion for market research profession whose primary interest is on what they can contribute to the industry and are both individually and collectively reputed for provision of quality, insightful, and actionable information for marketing decisions.

The company was first registered and traded as a limited liability market research company in Nigeria under the name Resmark Services Nigeria Limited in 2000. In 2007, the company was rebranded and synergized with a change of name (as Response & Strategic Marketing (Resmark) Limited on the one hand and a change of ownership structure from being a single owner-manager to a consortium of owner-managers on the other hand. Thus, Resmark is not a market research agency driven by "a one-man ideology", but collective partners' efforts.

Since 2007, when the company was rebranded, it has attracted several blue-chips companies both locally and internationally seeking its research services in Nigeria and other African countries in areas such as project design, fieldwork/data collection, data synthesis, analysis and reporting.


All activities of Resmark are anchored and driven by its vision and mission statements. The company’svision is to become synonymous with distinct and superior quality delivery that is professionally of global standard and compatible with local market environment. Its mission is to be a dependable and strategic co-building partner in clients' business growth, sharing their aspirations and striving consistently for innovative and improved quality delivery.

Resmark has provided multi-country marketing research services (in Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Cameroun, Republic of Benin, Togo, Kenya, Gambia, Sierra-Leone, Egypt, Cameroun among others) for some international agencies including Censydiam Institute, Belgium: TNS, South Korea: Research Solutions, Kenya: Psilogy, Belgium on project-by-project basis. Project execution between Resmark and foreign agencies or international organisations often follow a set of standard protocols especially on methods, procedures and control (specific format, minimum benchmarks).

Today, Resmark maintains operations touch-points across several countries especially in West Africa through local field forces managed as regional hubs. Design and analysis of all work are done in our head office in Nigeria. Our ultimate goal as a market research agency is to become a leading and truly innovative market research agency in Nigeria and the entire continent of Africa. with strong presence everywhere.

For effective coordination of research activities, Resmark currently maintains 10 strategic networks of Nigeria regional field offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, PH, Aba, Abuja, Kano, Sokoto, Jos and Maiduguri with a wide array of field staff (about 400 across the 36 states of the federation including Abuja) – these give the company a plus in ensuring quick turn-around, real time.

All research assignments carried out by Resmark are analyzed in-house. Thus, Resmark does not contract its data processing activities to external hands for purpose of security and confidentiality of data.

While our core values are Passion, Integrity, Confidentiality and Speed; our slogan is "Turning Information to Strategy", that is, providing our clients with nothing less than real insight.


Brand Health Audit (BHA)
BHC is aimed at ascertaining how dynamic a brand is, It deals with issues of aligning all marketing efforts with brand vision by finding answers to several questions: - awareness and the cumulative effect on trials, regular usage and loyalty - brands/products relative advantage in terms of appeal and key quality delivering etc
Customer-Feel a continuous customer satisfaction measurement study
CSM identifies your brand relative strengths along with the key attributes that motivates customers to choose your brand. It measure the expectation of your customers to your performance on those attributes (expectations vs. performance) and establishes baseline for acceptable performance or otherwise. It also identifies service gaps that need to be strengthened to improve overall performance by providing answers to several questions.
Distribution Check Study
This audit helps in identifying the effectiveness of your distribution strategy vis-à-vis, competition.
  • what shelf share do your brand have of the overall share space.
  • how strategic are their display
NPD (concept, product, package, benefits etc.)
BHC is aimed at ascertaining how dynamic a brand is, It deals with issues of aligning all marketing efforts with brand vision by finding answers to several questions: - awareness and the cumulative effect on trials, regular usage and loyalty - brands/products relative advantage in terms of appeal and key quality delivering etc
Billboard Audit
Billboards are reminder Ad medium that are meant to impact positively on your market target. Their impact however is a measure of several variables e.g.
  • is their deployment in line with brand strategy and image.
  • what are the appealing/dominant types among your competitors?
  • are they in obscure or prominent routes, and what is their current state etc?
Marketing Activities Tracking (MAT)- Advert, Promo, Sponsorship
MAT measures overall brand/organizational marketing activities taking cognizance of the fact that for any marketing effort to be successful, certain parameters need to be established. MAT is applicable to: Ad, Promo, Sponsorship, Events, Corporate Social Responsibility Impact measurement
Market Segmentation/Profiling Study
Market segmentation, correctly applied, is about understanding the needs of customers and, how they decide between one offer and another. This insight is used to form groups of customers who share the same or very similar value criteria. A company is then able to determine which groups of customers it is best suited to serve and which product and service offering best meet the needs a selected segments and outperform competition. The primary objective of segmentation, therefore, must be how to win and retain the customers you want to serve. This underpins the approach taken by Resmark.
JetBus a quarterly national urban & semi-urban omnibus
Jetbus is a quarterly syndicated Pan Nigeria Omnibus survey with a sample size of 4,000 in 30 locations, which cut across urban and semi-urban areas. Jetbus is renowned for Speed, Quality & Reliability
Corporate & Brand Image Evaluation
This is necessary to mirrored the total outlook of an organization in the eyes of the public by analyzing key stakeholders such as the internal and external publics
Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Measurement
This involves analysis of public opinion relative to activities of government, NGOs and individuals (e.g. politicians) in the society. For instance, opinion poll measures the fundamental issues paramount to the success of election; the effectiveness of electioneering campaign and its management. - key ingredients for evolving a professionally and strategically sound campaign platform will of necessity be drawn from a detailed knowledge of the collective opinion, feelings, expectations and aspiration of the general public as well as relevant interest groups via opinion polls. - it allows the public to analyze individual candidates and thus helps them to originate attitudinal disposition of eligible voters towards each candidate etc.
Habit, Usage & Attitude Study
Mystery Shopping provides objective behavioral feedback on the performance of your front office and customer service functions/standards via standardized checklists and report forms, designed to reflect the service components of your brand, service or product. Mystery customers are simply field research staff that take on the role of a legitimate customer of your operation and make enquiries, purchases, or simple observation right from the gate to the counter.
Our approach to concept and product testing is based on a model of flow-chart of distinct products attributes linkages/inter-relationship. It simply depicts a product strength flowing from its primary attributes (observational) to secondary attributes (core experiential benefits/values) in ascertaining the overall appeal of the product/concept by the consumers/customers. It also gives the product/concept a distinct market positioning and brand identity for effective marketing and communication strategy.

Phone +234-1-9504845
Address 45, Oluwaleyimu Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


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