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Regent School, Abuja - Nursery

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Early Years Curriculum from Tracey

Our Early Years Department follows the UK government’s “Birth to Three Matters” programme for our Playgroup children and the Early Years Foundation Stage programme of the British National Curriculum for children in Nursery and Reception. This is organised into six learning areas, as follows:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This area considers the children’s confidence, independence and understanding of relationships.

2. Communication, Language and Literacy

Speaking, listening, writing, reading and role-play are covered in this area of learning through themed lessons and sessions.

3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

Not only do we teach the children number skills we also provide them with the mental tools and systems to solve problems.

4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The children learn about the world around them and develop a sense of awe and wonder.

5. Physical Development

This area promotes development of both fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor includes the correct pencil grip, scissor control and manipulation skills. Gross motor is the introduction of PE skills including climbing, running, movement around and on gym equipment and ball skills

6. Creative Development

The children are encouraged to create in 2 and 3d, use musical instruments and perform songs and drama.

The above six areas are designed to encourage holistic learning through well planned and delivered opportunities and activities. The Early Years Department is divided into three year groups: three playgroup, three nursery and three reception classes.

The children start attending The Regent School at the age of two-and-a-half. They progress through the Early Years Foundation Stage being challenged appropriately, as they get older.  By the time the children leave the Reception Year, at the age of five, they are well equipped with the skills and attitudes that prepare them for more formal learning in Year 1.

The classes are well equipped, lively and child-centred. In addition, we have outdoor areas with playground equipment, a bicycle track, water and sand areas and an Early Years garden.

We believe that children’s experiences in their younger years are critical to their subsequent development. The following underlying principles are essential to what we offer:

  • All children have abilities which can and should be identified and promoted.
  • Young children learn from everything that happens to them and around them; they do not separate their learning into different subjects or disciplines.
  • Children who feel confident in themselves and their own ability have a head start to learning.
  • Children learn when they are given appropriate responsibility, allowed to make errors, decisions and choices, and respected as autonomous and competent learners.
  • The relationships that children make with other children and with adults are of central importance to their development.

Phone +234-(0)70 377 933 22
Address No. 1 Euphrates Street Maitama, Abuja


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