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Regent School, Abuja - Primary

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The Regent School, Abuja, Nigeria, is a Primary School of 460 pupils. There is a teaching staff of 60 and a furt her 25 administrative and support staff. The School was founded in 2000, with the express intention of offering high-quality, British-style education to the children of Nigerian and expatriate families. It is situated in Maitama, a pleasant, residential district of the fast-developing capital city of Abuja. The School offers its own curriculum, which is very closely modelled on the British National Curriculum. French is introduced from Year 1 and the children have weekly lessons in Art, Music, Design Technology and P.E., as well as the normal range of core curriculum subjects.

Primary Years Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum is the belief that all pupils are entitled to a broadly- based education in a stimulating learning environment. Children are exposed to a wide variety of learning opportunities during their time at The Regent School and are given every opportunity to develop their individual skills and interests.

Where appropriate, we adjust our curriculum to reflect our location in Nigeria and to enable our pupils to benefit from the richness of Nigerian culture and heritage.

Core Subjects

Our curriculum places much emphasis on the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT. There is a daily reading time for all children and children’s reading is developed in an enjoyable, stimulating but structured way, primarily using the Oxford Reading Scheme, which is a phonic-based scheme, combined with whole word recognition, and progressing to free-reading. Children read and have experience in many different aspects of Literacy every day, exploring and experimenting with sounds, words and texts and responding to and writing their own stories, rhymes and poems.

In Numeracy there is much practical work involved, initially together with an emphasis on developing mathematical language, providing a secure foundation for the understanding and application of a variety of concepts. The children are taken at a challenging pace but given time and support when necessary, thus ensuring a sense of achievement and enjoyment.

Other Subjects

The School offers its own curriculum, which is very closely modelled on the British National Curriculum. Experience of the pupils’ own environment is extended to the wider world through Science, History and Geography topics. For these subjects, except Science, we have developed our own schemes, which meet the programmes of study of the National Curriculum but which also use local interests, out of school trips and resources to enrich pupils’ learning.

From Year 1, pupils have weekly lessons in Art, French, Music, Design Technology and P.E., all taught by specialists in those subjects, as well as the normal range of core curriculum subjects, taught by their Class Teacher, who is assisted in all classes by a Teaching Assistant.

The children are encouraged to become increasingly independent, showing initiative and making choices. They take a full part in school life and each is valued for his or her individual contribution.

Phone +234-(0)70 377 933 22
Address No. 1 Euphrates Street Maitama, Abuja


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