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Primus Super Speciality Hospital

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Primus Super Speciality Hospital is a state of the art multi speciality hospital conveniently located in Abuja, Nigeria.


Primus International Super Speciality Hospital has been designed and constructed using the most advanced medical technology, available in the world. The hospital is located in serene, well connected area of Karu Extention Abuja. The infrastructure of the hospital and the quiet environment are conducive

to faster recovery, health and well being. Having Capacity of 100 beds, with vision to expand to 250 beds by 2012, with prominent surgeons from across the globe, excellent infrastructure and state of art advanced technology, Primus International Super Speciality Hospital has set new benchmarks in Medical care. We strive to become the best place for treatment of all Medical problems.

The trust and hope patients place in primus hospital says a lot about the people of primus hospital. It also says a lot about the expectations we need to live up to each time a patient comes through our doors.

Primus staff members continuously work to improve the quality of our care, improve our systems,and improve the service we provide.The outstanding staff at primus hospital has been and continues to be the hallmark for this organization. We stand by the motto of health to all and are committed towards every social cause and upliftment of our country.

Infrastructure at Primus

The hospital complies with international guidelines and follows the International Patient Service Protocols. The infection control norms will ensure the highest standards of healthcare and patient safety. Our aim is to bring the best of Medical practices worldwide to Nigeria and deliver them in an open, warm and patient centric atmosphere.

Modular seamless operation theatres

OT's with laminar air flow and laminar shields

1.5 Tesla MRI

64 slice spiral and cardiac CT Scan

Bone densitometry

VIP suits

ICU/CCU backup



Primus Team
Our team of highly skilled professionals is geared up to make the best use of technology and infrastructure, so as to deliver world-class healthcare. Our joint replacement division is headed by Prof. Surya Bhan, an international name in the field of joint replacement surgery. He has been former head of the department of Orthopaedics at AIIMS, New Delhi. He has performed many joint replacements so far including complex revision joint replacements, unicondylar knee replacements, minimally invasive hip and knee replacement. Padma Bhushan Dr. C.S. Ranawat is our International Faculty and Visits Primus for surgeries & Consultations. The joint replacement unit has all the necessary expertise and equipments to deal with complicated problems and to use the latest available implant systems like metal on metal and ceramic on ceramic bearing. The computer aided navigation technology is fully functional to accurately perform these procedures in complicated cases. 

Spine Surgery
Disc Prolapse, Spinal Stenosis and Spondylosis are common painful diseases which can make daily life miserable. Congenital and developmental disorders, scoliosis, fractures, tumours and infections are less common but very distressing spinal diseases. Our specialized spinal unit uses surgical and deformity correction techniques with use of minimally access techniques, endoscopic surgery, percutaneous vertabroplasty, artificial disc and fusion procedures with modern implants and image guidance methods to facilitate early recovery during short hospital stay. 

Sport Injuries
With increase in sports and fitness related exercises, subtle joint injuries especially muscle ruptures, ligament strains and cartilage injuries of ankle, shoulder and knee have become common and permanent joint damage and prolonged pain and inability to pursue sporting activity and exercise programmes occurs if such injuries are missed, not cared for and inadequately treated. Modern orthopaedics puts great emphasis on recognition and treatment of these difficult to assess joint damage. Experienced orthopaedic surgeons with training in sport injuries are ready to take care of your problems at our hospital. 

Arthroscopic Surgery
Arthroscopic or Keyhole surgery of knee and shoulder joints to decompress painful degenerated joint, stabilize recurrent shoulder dislocation, repair cartilage, and ligament tears has become new global standard of care. These modern techniques allow day care surgery in majority of cases while giving long lasting and permanent relief of symptoms and even allow resumption of sporting activities in many instances. Full range of arthroscopic surgery with modern and latest equipment and materials is provided by our experienced arthroscopic surgeons. 

Fractures & Traumatology
Fractures are becoming more complex, multiple and complicated with increase in accidents on and off the roads and in industries. Now a days large number of newer implants of biocompatible steel and titanium, variety of nails and plates, locking plates and minimally invasive operative techniques with use of image guidance using fluoroscopy are available. Fractures involving joint surface are technically demanding for adequate management and often arthroscopic assisted surgery is required for proper treatment. Such methods of treatment of fractures ensure complete and rapid recovery and early return to work and independence in daily activities. Our experienced trauma surgeons will use these advanced techniques in fully equipped operation theatres to mend fracture bones. 

Hand Surgery
Hand surgery which includes treatment of fractures, crush injuries, arthritic joints, paralytic conditions, has become an important speciality. Hand affections need expert care and rehabilitation methods to restore hand function and this is not yet generally available in many centers. Our hospital has internationally trained hand surgeons who use all the modern effective methods to achieve best possible recovery from hand injuries and disorders in shortest possible time. 

Diagnostic Pathology 
The department of Laboratory Medicine is open 24 hrs. a day every day of the year. It is a high tech lab that has fully automated instruments which are directly interfaced with the hospital information System and Laboratory Information System.

The Laboratory comprises of departments for Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology, Electrophoresis, Histopathology, Cytology and Clinical Pathology. 

Paediatric Orthopaedics
Children can suffer from some very complex congenital and developmental bone and joint diseases like club foot, congenital hip dislocation, Perthes'desease, osteochondritis and growth disturbance of bones. Children's fractures are also unique since growth disturbance can occur with inadequate treatment. Treatment of these problems requires dedicated experienced surgeons and rehabilitation team to achieve best possible prompt and complete recovery to allow normal growth and milestones of children. Our hospital has such expert surgeons and support persons to take care of all bone and joint diseases of growing children. 

Radiology Department
Radiology Department is functional round the clock with following modern equipments:

64 Slice CT

1.5 Tesla MRI

High Resolution Ultrasound


Bone Densitometry

Digital X-Ray\


Phone +234 81-277-777-51
Address Karu New Extension, Abuja Nigeria


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