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Oasis Stayfit Gym & Spa, Kaduna

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Oasis  Stay-Fit  Gym  and  Spa  Ltd  was  established  in  1990 , incorporated  in  1994 , merged  as  one  of  the  leading  Gymnasium , Fitness  and  Beauty  therapy  service  provider  in  Kaduna  in  particular  and  in  the  Northern  Region  of  Nigeria  in  general  with  another   branch  opened  in  Gwarinpa  and  Maitama - Abuja.  Oasis  Stay-fit  Gym  and  Spa  is  an  exclusive  Membership  Health  club  that  boasts  state-of-the-art  facility  where we offer Pilate classes , Dance, Taebo , Step aerobics , General  sculpting  aerobics , Health  &  Beauty  Spa - Turkish  Steam  Bath - Sauna – Jacuzzi - Badminton - Table tennis - Basketball - Billiard - Dart – Soccer  table.  Oasis  Center  has  team  of  professionals  ranging  from  Fitness  instructors , Beauty  Therapists , to Outdoor  games  coach  and  Taekwando / Karate teachers  for  both  Kids  and  Adults. There  is  need  to  engage  in  fitness  and  Spa  Slimming  programs  if  you  are  feeling  tired , stressed  out  and  out  of  control  in  increase  of  weight.  Oasis  Stay-fit  Gym  center  provides  stress  reduction  program  that  includes  the  most  effective solutions  to  your  stress  by  a  professional  anti  stress  team  that  includes  a  Professor  of  psychology , Physiotherapist , Dietitian , and  Spa therapists  that  gives  anti-stress  spa  treatments  like - Hot  stone  massage ,  Swedish  massage , Facial  and  head  massage , the  business  man’s Detox , Grand  chocolate  Anti -cellulite  Experience  etc. Discover  Beauty,  Relax  and  Reshape  treatments  after  your  workout  sessions  in the Gymnasium  or  at  the  airy  spacious  Aerobics  Hall.  Oasis  Stay-fit  Gym  and  Spa  Ltd  are  known  for  her  Quality  and  skilled  services  given  to  clients  at  an  affordable  price.


At Oasis Stay Fit Gym there are no ordinary classes. Utilizing the most qualified instructors in Nigeria, our classes offers our numerous clients  professional exercise routines.  Our classes are inventive and beneficial  to the body and soul. Our instructors are devoted to their specialized fields and consistently pursue advanced certifications. We limit our class size for more individualized instruction.

We offer as follows:-


An indoor and outdoor airy low/ high impact that develops your stamina and improve general fitness and flexibility.

Taekwando/ Karate

Learning the principles of self defense in daily activities for both adult and children. 


A way of relaxing all worn out tissues  in the body and  tensions are relieved. 


An exercise class designed to improve and sculpt he body. 


This is an all level class designed for beginners and intermediate levels. Client will deepen their levels in confidence, flexibility and strength while being introduced to a range of postures. 


With our varieties of games you can play learn or practice your favorite or practiced sport whenever it suits you. We have games such as;



-Table tennis



-Soccer table

All for free only as a member.



With our range of exercise equipment where and when it suits you. We have equipments for both genders of ages for beginners and for experts whether you are looking for light exercise or serious body building. 

Before you start we recommend two safety tips:

-Always consult you doctor before starting a new exercise program which will involve more exercise you used to

-Proper foot and body wear

Exercise bike

It helps you build up your aerobic capacity and is great for toning up the muscles in you buttocks hips, thighs and legs. Dual or triple action models are also available which provide upper body exercise too. 


It provides one of he best forms of cardiovascular workout, using he largest body muscle groups and strengthening toning and contracting muscles. Steppers are available in various formats from basic floor steppers to stepper climbers with electronic monitoring. 


Are similar to jogging or walking and are recognized as one of he most intensive workout machines. Treadmills are available only in electric versions

Dual action cycles

 It has a pivoting handlebars so you can pedal and row at the same time, exercising both upper and lower body.

Ski machines

Simulate cross country skiing which is one of he best total body workouts, both anabolic and aerobic, exercising both upper and lower body, and improving you stamina. 

Aerobic riders

They are good for all round aerobic workout, helping to tone and trim most major muscle groups at he same time. 

Weights and benches

Use either a barbell or dumbbell on the type of exercise you want to do. A bench can be used in conjunction with a set of weights to further develop your training program. 

Multi gyms

They are the most comprehensive fitness building machines. They are fully adjustable allowing you to increase decrease the weights and resistance according to your own capabilities. Bench press style gyms are generally the most versatile. Seated press style gyms are generally the most space efficient.


Phone +2348023758471, +2348036000283, +2348037042723.
Address 5 mm col. Lawan Jafaru, Off Isa Kaita road, Kaduna, Nigeria


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