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Lifeline Children’s Hospital, Surulere, Lagos

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Lifeline Children’s Hospital was founded in 1993 by four experienced female Paediatricians, Dr Lisa Onifade , Dr Iyabo Kudayah, Dr Funlola Harold Sodipo and Dr Efunbo Dosekun.
We commenced operation at our first site situated at 133, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere where we focused on our core business of maintaining and improving the health of children.
In June 2007, we expanded our operations to Lekki phase 1 to enable us bring first class paediatric  care to families living in Lekki and its environs.

At Lifeline Children’s Hospital we put the child health first. Our commitment has touched the lives of many and we are still touching more lives.

Lifeline Children’s Hospital remains a committed national frontline hospital you can depend on for your child’s 

areas of Curative, Preventive, and Rehabilitative services.

Our facilities are designed to meet international standards, whether you walk into our Lekki branch or the Surulere Centre, the facilities are up to date.  We give your child a first class attention. We have an array of facilities for all Paediatric cases; neonatal, ambulatory care, surgery, or out patient services we are well prepared to handle your case at the shortest imaginable emergency situation. Our ambulances are on standby and ready for your call.

Lifeline Children’s Hospital is staffed by the best team of Paediatricians and other medical personnel with outstanding qualifications and long standing professional experience. From the laboratories to the wards, and from our well equipped theatres to the stocked to capacity pharmacies, the service experience with our world class team is unequaled.

We are Lifeline Children’s Hospital, we live to our name!



Our vision is to be the first choice for paediatric healthcare services in Nigeria.


Our mission is to provide excellent health care to children, and improve the health status of children, thereby empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

- Team work
- Innovation
- Customer focus


Out Patient Services

General Paediatrics Clinics:
Daily clinic hours:        Monday – Sunday,     9.00am - 8.00pm
Emergency:                24 hours paediatric emergency coverage.

Health Maintenance Visits
 Infant welfare Clinic:  Preterm - 18 months, Thursday,        9.00am-4.00pm



Services delivered at our two hospital sites in Lekki and Surulere include the following:

Outpatient Children’s Service

  • Sick children
  • Well Children’s Clinic                   
    • Immunization
    • Nutritional clinic
    • Developmental Screening
  • Specialist Outpatient Service
    • Cardiology Clinic
    • Neurodevelopment Clinic
    • Epilepsy Clinic
    • Asthma Clinic
    • Sickle Cell Anemia Clinic
    • Adolescence Clinic

Inpatient  Children’s   Service

  • Sick children 
    • 1 month - 18 years admission
    • 14 beds service in 2 sites

Ambulatory  Service

Joint care by parents and lifeline health team where child stays at home but visits the hospital for continuing treatment.


Neonatal Intensive Care

Inpatient admission of sick newborn babies and premature babies.

Jaundice Clinic and Services

Acute care and follow up of babies with jaundice.

Emergency Telephone Service

Paediatric Surgical Services

Paediatric   ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Service

Paediatric Eye Service            

Mother’s  Screening  Programmes

Diagnostic Cardiology Service (ECG)




  • Do you need help in paying for your children’s health care? Check our funding services…
  • Every child is offered a PERSONAL CHILD HEALTH RECORD!
  • All childhood immunizations are available, including immunization for children with special immunization needs.
  • Domiciliary Services – Home visits for follow up of discharged patients as desired.
  • In addition, all children are assessed for:
    • Growth
    • Development
    • Hearing and vision
    • Genotype check
    • Preschool child: 18months -5years
    • Reviewed at specific stated intervals for:
    • Development Assessment 
    • Growth monitoring
    • Yearly haemoglobin assessment
    • Genotype
  • Yearly stool test for ova and parasite immunizations
  • Peadiatric Heart Diagnostic Centre:
  • Echocardiography (arranged as needed)
  • ECG


For emergencies, our Paediatricians can be reached on the following numbers:

Surulere         01 - 7733265, 070861103512


Phone 01 - 7733265, 0708603512
Address 133, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos


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