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Jigawa youth vanguard

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Jigawa youth vanguard is a conglomerate of youth organizations, educated and enlightened within Jigawa state-Nigeria that decided to associate, unite in a Nongovernmental Organisation(NGO) and mobilize youth under a common frontier for the purpose of uplifting the standard of teaming populace-childreen,male and female, within the state, promoting the spirit of oneness,progress and and generational changes under sound and purposeful democratic ideals that can... (see details under our newest website:


The organization shall be development spirited as it was intended to enlighten the hapless youths, empower them and cautions them to be on the need to be cautious on certain misdemeanor of the leadership class, behavior of the political class that uses masses and the less educated youths as their weapon of political blackmail and thuggery as well as the behavior of the misuse of the women folk in our typical Hausa society. The organization shall tap all resources of its enlightened youths and elders in Jigawa state to bring unity, togetherness and understanding under a purposeful leadership now and in the future. The organization shall therefore organize rallies; indulge in media public enlightenment campaign-use electronic and print media, billboards, banners and the internet to achieve the desired goal.
It intends to set up youth computer and literacy classes and other skill acquisition centres to train youths to be self relient.


 In this iniative Computer based Technology and Learning Centres(CTLC) are created and aimed at teaching those youths between the age of 25-35 in the state who are unemployed post graduation from skill acquisition centres and institutions of learning. This is to equip them with the IT knowledge and prepare them for future chalanges either at places of work or at a their self employment centres.


There are twenty seven LGAs in the state and each is expected to be equipped with Ten (10) computers and a laptop. A tutor would be recruited who will help the students at unravel the knowledge of computer and skills.


YOUTH COMPUTER LITERACY PROJECTS JIGAWA STATE. The JIGAWA YOUTH VANGUARD (JYV) skills acquisition and training for youths programme in Jigawa State, unveiled a new iniatives on computer knowledge named Computer Training And Learning Centres (CTLC). Under the programme, a big learning and resource centre is to be opened in the state capital, Dutse. This would be equipped with computers and an instructor will man the centre and act as a tutor. The instructor is a person with requisite computer knowledge and skills and will teach some selected youths. Youths to be selected are from those youths that had western education at a particular level and cannot go further. The existing Twenty Seven (27) LGA’s in the state are also proposed to have a learning centre under the CTLC. The computers for the programme are to be sourced from international donor agencies. The Microsoft office had agreed to assist us under its MICROSOFT COMMUNITY AUTHORISED REFURBISHER PROGARMME (COMMUINTY MAR). JYV is short listed on the site as an eligible recipient. JYV is an eligible recipient of donated PCs under the community mar programme and is slated to receive donated PCs from COMPUTER AID INTERNATIONAL UK- an eligible donor under the programme. Other eligible donors in the programme are been contacted and ready to donate PCs subject to our financial capability on freight and shipment costs. JYV intends to make the knowledge of computer cheaper to hapless citizens of the state who hitherto could not have access to computer training. Graduates of the programme would benefit from a donated PC and accessories under the programme to be on their own by setting up a private commercial canter. This is expected to empower them for brighter future endeavours. This programme would drastically reduce the level of youth redundancy and unemployment in the state to about 50% down from the existing level of 90% in the state. Thuggery and youth hooliganism by politicians is expected to reduce drastically under the programme. We therefore sought for government and international agencies assistances at financial and logistics level to enable youths in Jigawa state significantly benefit from the programme. Two Hundred and Seventy (270) computers are expected to be within our reach for the project.

 Fifty four (54) additional other Desktop computers, Ten Laptops   will be necessary for our Charities to thus who master the IT Technology but will need some form of assistances to be on their own.

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