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Jasper Nursery School

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The name Jasper means “spotted or specked stone” it is derived via Grek iaspis {feminine noun} from a Semitic language {cf. Hebrew yashepheh { referring to a green form of jasper which is very rare} Alkkadian yashupu. It has been a favorite gem from the ancient world
Jasper is an opaque fine grained dense or crypro crystalline variety of quartz or the silics mineral chert. The color may be red, yellow, green , brown , grey, earthly or neutral. Jasper as a precious stone can be used in a coordinated manner with a wide  range of building products and materials: stone, timber, metal, brick and concrete. Endless combination are achieved
It is for a long time uitlised for roofing and walling in residential industrial and commercial building. It equally resonates with warmth and character as well as suitable for a range of environments including bush, city, coastal or suburban. A[art from reference to it in the holy book, it finds currency in Australia, Queensland, ural mountains {Russia} North Africa Sicily {Italy} Germany and so  on

As elucidated earlier, the first five year of a child is very crucial to the development as distinct from the growth of the child. As could be observed, this is a period of unprecedented changes both physically and mentally. Our nursery section ensures that our pupils develop love an passion for learning. They become willing to learning and are very active in class.
It is divided into four classes. These are baby group {play group} , reception class {small big group} corresponding to kindergarten one and two. {big group} . to merit admission, the child must be two {2} years old at the term of admission into the play group or the first class of nursery.

Admission and Registration
Admission forms are available at the school premises. After completing the forms, parents/ guardian should accompany the forms with the following at the time of registration
One photocopy of birth certificate
Two passport size photographs
Transfer certificate { if applicable}

The school bills covers tuition, textbooks, stationery, educational and constructional materials, games and sports as well as school uniform. In some cases, the charges are separated and sometimes lumped together.
Our fees are determined in accordance with prevailing economic reality in the country. The school bill and teller will always accompany the end of the term report for the nest term or session. The original teller of payment should be submitted to the bursary while the payer should  keep the photocopy for record purpose.

At the kindergarten section , the academic subjects studied at jasper include the following:

  • Letter work
  • Number work
  • Nursery cience
  • Health habit
  • Moral talk
  • Physical and health education 
  • Nursery phymes
  • Practical life exercise
  • Creative art
  • Social habit

Also, the Nursery section offers the following subjects for study

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Nursery science
  • Health habit
  • Diction computer moral talk physical and health education
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Practical life exercises
  • Creative art
  • Christian religious knowledge

In order to achieve the envisaged and desired tangible success and observable behavioral change, the interest of the pupil is constant channeled and focused on a sustainable basis via the instrumentality of interweaving their class work with indoor and outdoor physical exercise to assist their mental-cum physical growth and development.
In complement , children will be exposed to real lie experience. This will include among others, nature study and excursions to places of interest

Phone 07093188830 – 01 2194426
Address Plot 17, Henry Ojogbo Crescent/ Road 72, off Itedo road, lekki Phase 1 lekki lagos Nigeria


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