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Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd , Office, Enugu

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Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd is a 100% Nigerian owned private company that aims to provide Nigerians with high quality, long grain rice at affordable prices. The company has recently set up an ultra-modern rice processing facility at Eke in Udi LGA, Enugu State of Nigeria. The mill processes imported US Number 2 long grain rough rice as well as locally grown rice at its rice milling facility. The high quality rice that is produced at the mill is packaged in 40Kg and 50Kg sacs under the brand name of Oyo-Oyo rice.

The Company rice processing facility commenced production in August 2011. The mill produces about 2000 bags of rice each month which is sold directly to customers.

The Company also produces rice bran as a by-product. Rice bran is very rich in minerals and vitamins. It can be used for food or as a high grade animal feed. The bran produced in our rice milling facility is packaged in 20 Kg sacs. The Company produces about 600 bags of rice bran each month.


Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd aims to provide Nigerians with high quality rice produced right in their own country. By establishing a modern rice milling facility in Nigeria, our goal is to encourage local farmers to increase the quantity and quality of rice that they grow.

The Federal Government of Nigeria is putting incentives and other fiscal measures in place in an effort to encourage increased agricultural production in the country. The Government is also calling on entrepreneurs to establish more food processing facilities in the country. Our Company imports rough rice to supplement the limited quantities of locally grown rough rice. Importation of rough rice will stop as soon as sufficient quantities of locally grown rice are available to meet the Company’s production targets.

It is our hope that the massive importation of processed rice from south-east Asia will be curtailed as we ramp up our capacity to produce high quality rice locally. The massive importation of finished rice from south-east Asia to Nigeria results in a significant drain on our foreign currency reserves. Worse still, it results in the erosion of job opportunities for our youth. Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd will through its business model create as many jobs as possible for several of our young graduates who are roaming the streets of the cities in search of non-existent jobs.


Our main product is long grain rice packaged in 40 Kg and 50 Kg polypropylene sacs. Our rice is free of stone, sand, husk or brokens. It is the highest quality of rice that exists anywhere in the world.

Our other product is rice bran which is a very rich source of minerals and vitamins is a good source of feed for animals including cattle and poultry. Our bran product is packaged in 20 Kg sacs.

We also offer merchant processing of rough rice of any variety with the option to destone, desand, hull, whiten or polish. We can also bag the rice if the customer so desires. Our price for merchant processing will depend on what the customer desires and the grade of finished rice that is required.


Factory: Km 5, Eke-Affa Road
Eke, Udi Local Government Area
Enugu State, Nigeria

Address 13, Amokwe Street, Uwani, P.O. Box 2960, Enugu 400001, Enugu State, Nigeria


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