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Independent Newspapers Limited (Daily Independent)

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Registered date: July 17, 2001
RC No: 419927
Commencement of Publication: October 1, 2001
Registered Office: Block 5, Plot 7D, Wempco Road, Ogba, Ikeja
Independent Newspapers Limited publishes Daily Independent, a five-day-a-week newspaper, Saturday Independent and Sunday Independent, which are weekend titles.

The Company observes officially declared public holidays administratively but publishes on those days except on Christmas day.

Our content is dictated by social, not political, visions and by the need to satisfy as many readers (and advertisers) as possible. Independent titles are managed and sold as a branded product, edited and published for identifiable kind of readers.

Daily Independent communicates directly with its readers on a personal level. It delivers news and information that readers want and need to perform at their peak in their private and professional pursuits. It seeks to achieve this by continuously listening to its readers and adapting its contents to what the readers say they want.

The presentation of news and information, to elevate the quality of life of its readers, is the driving motive of our content development strategy. It rests on:
Core Competencies
Strong Resource Base
Technological Infrastructure.
Innovative Marketing
Competitive Pricing

“To be Nigeria’s No. 1 quality newspaper.”

“To produce a quality, vibrant and viable newspaper that will inform and form the nation’s present and aspiring political, business, economic and cultural leadership; challenge and inspire the nation’s journalists to advance and defend the public good; and deliver superior value to all stakeholders.”

Our Editorial Policy, as set out by the Board of Directors, was founded on the following principles:
We are a group of independent and liberal newspapers.
Our chief aim is to encourage all Nigerians to aspire to move our great country to eminence in the eyes of its citizenry and among the world’s leading nations.

We seek a greater Nigeria, and are driven by a vision of a country where access to opportunities is based on merit, equity and fair play. Our energies will find expression in the larger issues, which affect Nigeria as a whole. We shall be detached from local politics, which tend to solemnise trivial issues or fail to rise above petty squabbles.

We shall fairly reflect the aspirations, interests and character of the Nigerian people. We shall always articulate centrist persuasions. Ours shall be a world of different voices. We shall not support or oppose any political party as a matter of course. We may hold sympathy for, but shall not be attached to, any particular creed. We shall support the policies and actions of interest groups that we adjudge to be good, and oppose those we consider to be bad – - the difference being measured by whether they serve the public good.

We believe that the public good is served best by allowing individuals the freedom to look after their interests, subject to the limits of law. We believe that the essential function of government is to maintain order and security of lives and property, and that the cardinal business of government is to create the conditions for efficient and profitable expansion of marketable goods and services, and continually reduce the size of the non- marketable public sector.

Without prejudice to these guiding principles, we shall give necessary support to the legitimate government in power.

The Independent shall have only one axe to grind: to be the voice of reason, to champion the cause of the truly independent Nigerian; to help him or her enjoy freedom of speech and expression; freedom of worship; freedom from want; freedom from fear; freedom from ignorance; freedom from idleness and freedom from squalor.

Pursuant to these, we shall be independent on all matters, but shall never be neutral on any matter, especially those concerning the well being of the Nigerian people.

Phone 234 1 4962136; 4962138; 4962139
Fax 234 1- 4962136; 4962139

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