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Hydraform Engineering Nigeria Limited, Abuja

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Makers of Hydraform Blocks, hydraulically compressing a soil-cement mixture.


Hydraform Nigeria is the official West African agent for the distribution of Hydraform products.

Hydraform Blocks are top of the line in the Building Construction industry that gives a unique building system which encompasses excellent thermal properties, higher compact strength, an outstanding speed of construction, environmental friendliness and a substantial cost saving. Hydraform blocks are interlocking which means that you save money, achieve faster construction rates and do not require skilled labour.

The Hydraform product range includes Hydraform interlocking block machines, Hydraform conventional brick and block machines and Roof tile machines.

Hydraform blocks are used in the construction of

  • Housing
  • Government Centres
  • Schools/ Education Centres
  • Clinics/ Medical facilities
  • Infrastructure and storing facilities
  • Office space
  • Official buildings and Embassies

Advantages of Hydraform

  • Time saving, low cost construction, no matter where in the world.
  • No skilled labour required, people from all backgrounds can manufacture bricks and construct buildings with ease.
  • Labour intensive, great for job creation.
  • Mobile machines enable construction anywhere, anytime.
Hydroform Interlocking Blockmaking Machine

Hydraform M7MI

HYDRAFORM block-making machines hydraulically compress soil that contains a small amount of clay and silt mixed with cement into soil cement blocks. When cured, these can be dry-stacked with no mortar. As a result, HYDRAFORM machines are ideal for sites where transport, cement and sand costs are high. They're also an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative to conventional vibration machines. HYDRAFORM machines are available in diesel or electrical options.


Hydrofrom Conventional Paving Brick And Blockmaking Machine

Conventional block/brick Machines

VIBRAFORM machines are conventional concrete brick and block machines that compress by vibrating river sand, crusher dust, stone, ash, slag and other aggregates mixed with cement. These machines are used to manufacture the standard masonry units that are used in conventional buildings. VIBRAFORM machines are available in diesel or electronic options.

Hydroform Roof Tile MAchine

Roof Tile Machines

The Hydraform tile extrusion concrete roof machines manufactures double roman concrete roofing tiles. With a daily production of 1 000 to 3 500 high-quality tiles per day, the machines can create a profitable medium-sized production facility for an entrepreneur who would like to start a tile plant. They are also simple to operate and to maintain.


Phone +234(0)8033143904 +234(0)8059936763 +234(0)8036284200
Address Plot 9, Urban Planning Way, Setraco Way, Gwarimpa, Abuja
Fax 234-09-670 1519


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