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HESS Consulting Nigeria, Ibadan

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Who We Are

 HESS Consulting Nigeria is a firm of management consultants with an aggregate of over three decades of management experience. The company was set up in January 2006, duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in April 2006 and began operation in August of the same year 2006.


Our Objectives


HESS Consulting Nigeria aims to Partner with Clients


to achieve Greater Managerial Effectiveness and Profitability


by providing Effective and Flexible Management Solutions in the areas of


Outsourcing & Recruitment, Training, Sales & Marketing,


and Management Consulting.



Why We Do What We Do

The vision for HESS Consulting Nigeria was borne out of the need to make quality and professional result-oriented, flexible and practical management support services available to business organisations of various sizes, providing novel, innovative services tailored to clients’ need to solve problems relating to performance and profitability.

HESS Consulting Nigeria aims to intervene by way of making affordable managerial expertise available and providing lifeline for ailing and moribund companies by exploring financing and management options to ensure re-vitalisation of the moribund and re-activation of the liquidated but viable companies.

To ensure longevity and profitability, HESS Consulting Nigeria provide support services such as staffing/outsourcing, training in modern management practices and key functional areas, using advanced training techniques and approach, injecting training effectiveness feedback mechanism (TEA), designing effective and dynamic marketing strategy and branding the companies to fit into modern aesthetic business outlook and ideal corporate image for maximum impact. 


What We Do

-  Recruitment and Outsourcing

-  Training

- Sales and Marketing Services

-  Management Consulting




 HESS Consulting Nigeria is compiling a fresh data on applicants for use in our newly acquired DBMS to be launched before December 31, 2012 and effective from January 1, 2013. This system offers a wide variety of opportunity to the applicants and our clients (new and existing).

 For Applicants:

- Your data are stored in a system that makes it accessible to our clients at the touch of a button.

- Your strength and experience are emphasised.

- Relevant information not contained in your CV will be obtained via a form that will be mailed to the address on your CV.

- It updates automatically.

- It is accessible to our clients everywhere at the touch of a button.

- You are better positioned to get an offer sooner.


                                                      Take advantage of this facility and send your CV today!


 For Our Client:

- It gives you access anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button.

- Applicants could be effectively assessed before invitation for interview.

- Reduces the cost of recruitment in time and money.

- You have access to a world of variety in skills and experience.

- Its reasonably affordable.


                                                              Your Company Can Be Part of This Innovation.

                                                                   There is opportunity for a trial session. Contact us today!




Phone (+234) 08033248093, 08091025643, 08029872499, 02-8736405
Address 20, Are Avenue, New Bodija Estate, 20002, Ibadan


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