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Greensprings’ history dates back to January 1985 when it started off as a Montessori school offering nursery education to children aged 2-5 years. Since then, the school has grown remarkably, and is today a leading institution offering a first class education from the foundation stage to post secondary levels. We believe that offering a progressive education gives parents and pupils stability and continuity, removing the anguish of having to change schools periodically.
From our first campus, situated in the heart of the Lagos mainland, with an initial student body of 3 pupils, Greensprings has now established a state of the art campus on the Lekki Peninsula and has a combined student strength of over 2,500.
Greensprings has been entirely self-supporting since inception. There is a Board of Governors, which, as well as guiding the overall direction and strategic running of the school, oversees the work of the Director of Education and the School Director. 
We look at our history with pride and affection but we also look forward with eager anticipation to the challenge of meeting the educational needs of children growing up in the global village of the 21st century.
Greensprings School Heads of Schools
Mrs. Lai Koiki
Dr. Dolapo Ogunbawo
Mrs. Lai Koiki
Mr. John Todd
2007- 2008
Mr. Bruce Stevenson (Anthony Campus)
2008- to 2011
Mr. Richard Woods (Anthony Campus)
2008- 2010
Mrs. Stevenson (Lekki Campus)
2010- to date
Mr. Harry McFaul (Lekki Campus)
2011- to date
Mr. Andrew Egan (Anthony Campus)
Greensprings School Directors of Education
2006 - 2007
Mr. John Todd
2007- 2010
Mr. Bruce Stevenson
2010 - 2011
Mr. Richard Woods
2011- to date
Prof. Dr. George A. Hickman
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Our Aim 
Our aim is to lay the foundation of a life-long educational experience, which will give the individual confidence and respect that will overcome all distinctions of race, class, colour and creed.
We also wish to develop in our students a consciousness of the needs of society and the desire to contribute positively through selfless service, putting the totality of God-given talents and acquired knowledge to the service of humanity. 
Mission Statement:                                                                                                                                    
Our mission is to promote lifelong learning in an open and caring atmosphere that motivates students to be confident and responsible global citizens.
Our Vision:
By 2015, Greensprings will be one of the top five providers of international education in West Africa.
Our Philosophy
The school is non-partisan, non-denominational and non-discriminatory. The only criteria for admission are academic merit and the willingness to do one's best to achieve excellence.
We believe that all African children in schools are members of a privileged minority, regardless of social and economic standing, and we owe them a duty to provide the highest possible standard of education.
The school's philosophy embraces internationalism in its widest sense. Education is a global phenomenon; as such, we seek excellence wherever it is to be found and use it to raise our standards. 
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Our Values
At Greensprings we endeavour to instill qualities of judgement, self-reliance, integrity and self discipline in our students. While we do not have a system of rigid rules, our overall Code of Conduct is based on the  need to ensure the security of the students as well as consideration for others and high standards of behaviour.
Our school has no formal links to any religious denomination, though the school has always acknowledged its Christian tradition. Children from all faiths are welcomed and supported. We believe that true faith is measured in the quality of our everyday lives, in our relationship with others, in our willingness to serve and in the power of what we practise rather than preach. Our values celebrate the diversity of beliefs which are represented in the school.
We believe in educating the whole person, so that every student leaves the school well-equipped to achieve individual goals and with a sense of commitment, social responsibility and enthusiasm.
Our students are encouraged to think creatively and independently. The spirit of healthy competition and cooperation is encouraged through sports and other activities. In this way, they learn about leadership and teamwork - the glory of winning and the importance of losing gracefully, yet with a determination to strive to do better next time.  
Code of Conduct
A specific Code of Conduct is issued to all Secondary School students and to students in Years 4 to 6 of the Elementary School. The Code of Conduct is an agreement between the student, the student's family and the school, which must be signed and returned.
In general we expect our students to be responsible members of the community and ambassadors for Greensprings.
Students are expected to:   
Wear  the full uniform  and to be smartly dressed at all times.    
Refrain from physical or verbal aggression and disputes.




Contact Numbers
Tel: +(234) - 1 - 2793728, 8541472, 07029579731
Fax: 2793728



Contact Numbers
Tel: +(234)– 1- 8776870, 8776874, 07029579748
Fax: 2793728




Address Greensprings School, 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue, Anthony, Lagos, Nigeria


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