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FASTRACK International School

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FASTRACK International School was established to cater for children of foundation, kindergarten, nursery and primary school age. The curriculum is geared to lead to a broad based knowledge of the world the child lives in as well as end up with placement in choice secondary schools in Nigeria and abroad. 
FASTRACK International school will achieve the above through the following:

  1. Strong values and discipline based on our novel "moral leadership project". Focus will be on honesty, helpfulness, cleanliness and kindness. 
  2. Building the cooperative spirit of the child so he or she appreciates the benefit of sharing with other children thus entrench a team spirit in him. 
  3. Help the child develop a fully balanced social behaviour to function as a member of a team with full self-confidence. 
  4. To fully explore and develop the talent and creativity of every child. Your child is stimulated to observe his environment, to use his senses fully to experiment, question, explore and express himself in several ways.

Our Objective 
Nursery and Primary Education being the bedrock of learning, needs a good start and perfect finish. It is a launching pad of every future career. We therefore have put in place all that would make for the achievement of these aims:
    The best of British and Nigerian education under one roof. 

    Seasoned educationists to carry out teaching. 

    A conducive atmosphere for learning and teaching. 

    A broad scope of learning which ensures the keeping abreast of world   issues (at every     learning stage) as well as narrowing down on the key   areas of education that require     excellence e.g. Mathematics, quantitative   aptitude, verbal fluency and aptitude. 

    A perfect pupil /teacher ratio to enhance effective teaching /learning. 

    A well-equipped library.
    A science foundation that would yield a lasting interest in it.
    The application of a good knowledge of child psychology in the running of   the schools      curriculum. 

   Experienced and proven professionals.
   Montessori based curriculum.
    The incorporation of the best of British education in our curriculum.
    Digital satellite Television in every class.
    Air-conditioned classrooms.
    Well lit and ventilated classrooms.
    Modern facilities to facilitate play and recreation.
    Sick bay, with a pediatrician on call to take care of referrals.

To all these we add an emphasis on moral leadership training/education to build a lasting and qualitative educational heritage for our children.
At FASTRACK International School, we give you the best of both worlds -sound morals and intellectual excellence. We are also putting your child on a Fast Track of leadership and will continue to maintain a setting that is condusive to higher learning through a more personal approach.


Phone +234 08037215306, 08060069808
Address 4th Avenue, by 42 Road Junction, P. O. Box 1837, Festac town.


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