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De-Tastee Fried Chicken Limited Victoria Island head office

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About TFC

The birth of De-Tastee Fried Chicken Limited is a translation of an idea conceived by an industrious woman, Mrs. Olayinka Pamela Adedayo, which to the glory of God has transformed into a big organization and a great fortune not only for the owners, but also to thousand of families across Nigeria and the larger society as a whole. In the quest to actualize the idea, she established Tastee Pot in 1989 to render outdoor catering services to distinguished and discerning clientele across Nigeria.

Tastee Pot has over the years become the outdoor caterer of first choice, serving so many reputable individuals and organizations. The desire of Mrs. Olayinka Adedayo to meet the yearnings of Nigerians, especially Lagosians for qualitative fast food service, considering her experience in Kentucky Fried Chicken, where she worked between 1978 and 1980 as a Manager, led to the diversification into fast food service with the establishment of De Tastee Fried Chicken Ltd in 1996. The coming on stream of Tastee Fried Chicken undoubtedly revolutionized the concept of fast food service in Nigeria.

The advent of the eatery with new concept of service, qualitative products, and exquisite ambience, became a reference point, but nonetheless, the company still up till today maintains an unusual standard of the concept of service. Tastee Fried Chicken which is undisputably highly reputed in Nigeria for quality fast food service has at present nine outlets, in metropolitan parts of Lagos, where an array of delicious meals and snacks are offered to delight the populace. The company has two other outlets nearing completion in Lagos. Our success over the years is attributable to our highly skilled labour, use of qualitative inputs, and combination of environmental friendly production technologies.

Core Values

The core values of the company are:
AWARENESS - creating value through people; training and retraining
HONESTY - Integrity, truthfulness, visible transparency
RESPONSIBILITY - Discipline, professional excellence, etc
CLEANLINESS - Maximum hygiene
QUALITY - Service, product
HARMONY - Team work, trust and mutual respect


Cultural Values

Our cultural values are embodiment of the way we carry out our activities and the attitude we imbibe as a result of our belief in the core concepts of our existence.
The company's cultural value is based on QSC, which enables us to add value to our customers.

Q: This stands for Quality. The company holds in very high esteem quality of all its activities.
S: This stands for Service. The company is set up to provide qualitative fast food services.
C: This stands for Cleanliness. The company at all times seeks to maintain a high level of hygiene standard.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 

We at Tastee Fried Chicken believe in touching the lives of the citizenry by giving back to the society and contributing our quota, through various products donation, financial donation, and embarking on series of communal projects aimed at supporting grassroot dwellers. 

The following constitutes some of our social responsibility to the public:

  • Donation of cash and food items to Orphanages
  • Award of scholarship to bright and deserving students in tertiary institutions through the Olayinka Pamela Adedayo Foundation.
  • Various donations to Schools
  • Donation to different religious bodies
  • Donation to Government parastatals
  • Donation to Social Clubs

Our Board

Our Board of Directors has been carefully composed, to ensure that we have worthy and highly experienced personalities who would through appropriate policies ensure that the goals and objective of the company are met at all times. Their experience cuts across various spectra of the business world.

The following sit on our company’s Board:

1. Mr. Adekunle Adedayo - Chairman   
2. Mrs. Olayinka Pamela Adedayo - Managing Director
3. Mr. Olubunmi Adedayo - Executive Director
4. Barr. Olasoji Fayose - Company Secretary/Legal Adviser 
5. Dr. Ayodeji Adeniji - Director
6. Dr. (Mrs.) Fowoke Akinleye - Director

Mr. Bode Ogunsanwo - Management Consultant 

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Our Management team composes of highly experienced, intelligent and committed professionals in all fields, particularly in the area of food production and service delivery.


The following are the various departments in De-Tastee Fried Chicken Limited:

Finance & Accounts

Quality Control

Communication & Strategy

Human Resource



Information Technology

General Service


Health Safety and Environment






Staff Strength

Presently, the company has a sizeable number of people from various ethnic groups in Nigeria in her employment. Every employee of Tastee Fried Chicken has been carefully selected and trained and will continue to be trained in order to sustain the reason for our being. At every level, our people are highly motivated and driven to innovate new products and services. As we attain our goals, we will not relent in raising the bar, especially in view of our belief that we have to strive to match

 and exceed the best standards of fast food service offered anywhere in the world. 

Our Products

Principally, the company engages in the processing of chicken into various delicacies, an area where we have carved a niche as the premium provider of the most qualitative chicken recipes. We also process some other food products like meat, flour, rice and vegetable into finished products for consumption.
The parent company, Tastee Pot Limited serves an array of African and continental dishes at occasions and functions where they render catering services.
As a consumer sensitive organization, the company recently introduced the Tastee Trad Restaurant in response to the yearning of our customers for qualitative African delicacies, to rekindle the Nigeria traditional taste.

 Other Value Added Services


Future Plans/Focus

TFC......The Future
For sixteen years, Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC) has consistently provided quality meals with great service in a clean environment. The company despite the economic challenges in the country and arising difficulties in the sector has increased its product offerings that include processed chickens in various delicacies, an area where it has carved a niche as the premium provider of the most qualitative chicken recipes. We also process other food product like meat, flour, rice and vegetables into finished products for consumption.
In the years ahead, TFC will strive to improve operational efficiencies, which remains priority as the company seeks to continue to leverage on measures introduced in previous years, especially in the area of qualitative meal preparation and service delivery alongside their meals at all our outlets, with the strengthening of our Customer Care Service Called Tastee 2 You.
The parent company, Tastee Pot Limited has been re-structured to deliver premium meals and great service that will provide an array of African and Continental dishes at occasions. This we believe will serve the yearnings of our customers who want the best meals at the right price, delivered with the right service at their events.
Other focus initiatives for the years ahead include but not limited to:

Pioneering and strengthening new mechanism that will best deliver out meals to our customers wherever they are at any time so desired.

Utilizing available opportunities to further increasing revenue from identified and yet to be identified potentials deploring the best available manpower and technology.

Engaging key strategic partners to help build a bigger network and aggressively grow our share of the market.

Improving relationship with suppliers to minimize stock outs.

Massive staff training and technology injection alongside refurbishment of exiting kitchens.

Reorganizing aesthetics in our outlets to further improve the ambience that the brand has been known with.

Continuous emphasis on cost saving and cash management techniques.