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Corporate Institutions Training Consult (CITC), Head Office, Lagos

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About Us

Corporate Institutions Training Consult (CITC) is an Organizational Development Consulting firm.

Incorporated in 1995 with the vision to be a first class globally respected development services partner, our Consulting activities are targeted largely at maximizing productivity, shaping cultures and promoting harmony within organizations.

Our team possess combined expertise spanning over a 70-year period. Our clients cut-across leading firms in the Nigerian economy and we work with them closely and thoroughly to ensure their service delivery is beyond parity. We also study specific markets and global trends to help position them optimally as forward-looking companies. 
We have further distinguished ourselves in research, packaging, implementation and coordination of national and international programmes and are associate members of the International Federation of Training and Development Organizations (IFTDO) a diversified Global network of human resource management and development organisations representing more than 500,000 professionals in 50 countries and founded in Geneva, Switzerland.
"Addressing from time to time, the most important, most complex and most pressing issues encountered in industry, business and governance by enlisting the most creative brain power available today in achieving utmost efficiency and results".


"To be a first-class globally respected development services partner"


Commitment I Integrity I Trust I Competence I Proactiveness I Loyalty I Creativity

Our Values help shape the character of our company. They define our identity and help guide our actions as one people.
Our Culture
Our work environment and culture is at variance from the industry norm because innovation is our second name. We are deliberate, proactive and thorough in our service to clients because for us, getting results is not enough; getting excellent results every time is everything for us. We deliver!
Our people
Our people comprise of a robust mix of professionals with varying competences on building and developing the Organisation and its human capital. From business and macroeconomic matters to policy formulations, leadership development, performance management, customer service, Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), employee motivation and more, our hands-on delivery style and proven principles help drive lasting change for the clients we serve.
CITC Consulting
CITC Consulting is the parent company of the CITC Group and coordinates the interests of stakeholders and key Strategic Business Units (SBU’s). The Core services of the Consulting arm include: 
Training & Development

An Organization’s success is in direct proportion to what their employees know and how well they apply what they know. Winning Organizations know that the shortage of skilled talent and increased competition makes it imperative to train and manage their talent effectively than ever. It’s not enough to have the right employees in the right place at the right time; it is primarily about developing and improving those employees.

Often, most Organizations jeopardize their future and increase the risks of troubled times because they view training as a cost. At CITC, our focus is on growth. Our approach is practical and strategic and our programmes are designed to enhance your Organizational culture and behavioral paradigm to achieve optimum return on investment (ROI). That is what training is really about! For more on our Training and Development service, click here.
Business Process Re-engineering
BPR is the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of a business system to achieve the dramatic improvements in critical and contemporary areas such as cost, quality, service and speed.”
Our BPR model focuses on 3 key areas and consists of 5 Phases. The model is primarily designed to fit current business needs. We understand that Organizations have many similarities yet peculiar differences. With our model, a team approach, and our client’s cooperation, we help build the business process cultureour clients require to sustain a competitive edge. The diagram displays the 3 key areas namely; (1) People (2) Process (3) Technology.
Human Resource Management (HRM) 
Over the years, people management has been discovered to be the most crucial and toughest part of managing any business. Businesses are supposed to be collaborative within, in order to compete without, but often, that is not the case for many.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of a company’s most priced asset - its employees.  Our understanding of human needs and ability to attract, develop, deploy and retain right talent is based on years of experience and founded upon universal guiding principles on people management.

Phone +234 (0)1 7762 935, 7623 287, 7601 810, (0)9 2906 119
Address 1, Kofoworola Crescent, Off Obafemi Awolowo way, by Lagoon hospital, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


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