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Corona Nursery Schools

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Corona Day Nursery Ikoyi, the origin of all Corona schools. Founded in 1955 in a beautiful, secure, ordered and welcoming environment, we continue to lay the foundation for academic excellence as we provide child centred learning for 3-5 year olds.

This is where the development of the whole child starts; this is where children learn at their own pace and love it. Corona Day Nursery, Ikoyi is running with the developmental and creative needs of the children in mind and our curriculum meets all desirable learning outcomes and requirement for pre-schools.

Our classrooms have suitable large spaces and our materials are hands- on which constantly gives pupils the opportunities to construct their own learning experience.

Early years is about developing young children’s language, physical, social and other core skills and helping them find fulfilment in the associated activities. This is what we strive to achieve.

Our classes are active and interactive. We improve opportunities to learn using Montessori materials in the classrooms. These materials arouse the children’s attention, interest and motivation and teaches them independence and concentration. All lessons accommodate different learning styles.

We also develop and encourage vital skills like good habits, thinking skills, generosity, curiosity, positive attitude and traditional values while ensuring that children grow up having good feelings about themselves and others. Our facilities are world class and all the activities are age appropriate.

The large playground, beautiful scenery and ambience greet you as you walk in. This is where your child wants to be, this is the cradle for excellent instruction, rounded education and lifelong learning and the teachers are committed, trained and groomed to follow the process of delivering world-class education. Corona day Nursery Ikoyi represents early year’s education at its best.

This where your child wants to be!
You are welcome to call or stop- by when you are in our area.

The focus of the Corona Schools’ Trust Council is the development of world-class schools.  World class in all facets of our operations -  curriculum, teaching methodologies, staff quality, libraries, technology, buildings, resources, facilities, management and so on. In order to sustain our  mission to deliver world- class education to children inculcate high moral and ethical values as we prepare them for a life of service and fulfilment,   we have embarked on a number of school improvement initiatives in recent years.


Our Curriculum

Based on wide research into major international curricula, the Nigerian curriculum inclusive, we developed a curriculum that has extensive extra and cross-curricular linkages that is project and enquiry based and focused on building the skills that will ensure success in the 21st century. The scope of teaching is clearly to align with teachings that will promote lifelong learning and survival skills for the 21st Century. Skills like collaboration across Networks, Critical thinking and Problem solving, Adaptability, Initiative, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Curiosity and Imagination, accessing and analysing Information.

The core of any educational institution is learning and Corona Schools in her culture of continuous improvement has embarked on further enrichment of her curriculum with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).  The IPC, used in over 80 countries, is a comprehensive, thematic and creative curriculum, which encourages active and co-operative learning, research as well as children taking responsibility for their learning.  The IPC strategies will help children to acquire lifelong skills and prepare them for the fast changing world we live in.

The enrichment of our curriculum with the IPC gives the children the following:-

•             Sense of self-identity – Nigerian children who are global

•             International mindedness

•             Broad based knowledge of their immediate environment and the world as a whole.

•             Experiential learning

•             Ability to embrace and celebrate diversity

•             Awareness and interest in global issues

In September 2012, we   had the pilot run of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in all our primary schools.  In addition, the Nursery curriculum will be fully Montessori in September 2013.

The Secondary School curriculum is termed, ‘Corona Plus Curriculum’ It is designed to be truly international in its entirety-topics, scope of content elements, delivery methods, objectives, attainment targets, assessment method and resources. Our terms of reference are:

  • JSSCE Curriculum
  • Checkpoint Syllabus
  • SSSCE O’ Level
  • IGCSE Cambridge


In 2003, we embarked upon a plan to make technology a tool in teaching, learning, administration and research throughout all the schools in the Corona system. We have spent substantial amount of money in equipping all  laboratories and specialist rooms, networking, Internet access, peripherals, and mobile computer labs for effective classroom teaching, curriculum development and teacher training. A major feature of our curriculum is the extensive use of Information and Communication Technology skills.


Staff Training

At least 5% of fee income is set aside for staff training. Staff training is broad-based and ranges from technical (pedagogy and subject-specific) training to curriculum development, attitude, leadership, poise and etiquette, financial planning, ICT training and so on. The results of these have been the continuous upward improvement in staff morale, skills and attitudes.


Improvement of Staff Conditions of Service

There are programmes aimed at improving staff conditions of service such as defined career paths, annual inflation-indexed salary adjustments, medical scheme, pension scheme, access to loans to purchase assets, merit-based opportunity for advancement etc. These have again translated to improved staff morale, productivity, and low staff turnover.


Library Upgrade

Our libraries are welcoming and filled with books of all genres. The smallest primary school library boasts of at least 5,000-book s. All libraries have extensive reference and multi-media sections. We have also put in place a robust reading programme across all the schools. This programme incorporates both classical and contemporary works for pupils and staff.


Upgrading Facilities

The Trust Council is currently engaged in expansionary activities and build-up of infrastructures as part of its strategic goals. Regularly, substantial funds go into upgrading and modernising our buildings, some of which are over 50 years old. We have also invested in furniture, classroom and external finishes, playgrounds, sports facilities, laboratories, staff rooms, specialist rooms etc. Some of our recent major construction works include, blocks of new classrooms, for the Secondary School and majorly the permanent site for our Lekki School at Abijo, Lekki Epe, Expressway, which is nearing completion. This is a continuous process as we are determined that all our facilities and resources will be of world-class standards.


Reaching Out to the Community

We reach out to the community around each of our schools in various ways through the ‘Adopt a School’ programme. This Corporate Social responsibility scheme gives the children and PTA the opportunity to reach out to the less privileged children in state schools near them. Over the years, we have constantly donated furniture and equipment, and assisted with teacher trainings.



Phone 234 -1- 4630647, 234 -1- 4723030
Address 72, Raymond Njoku Street, Off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. Lagos.
Fax 234 -1- 2695204


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