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Briscoe Asaba

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The use of technology in business has taken a sudden but remarkable upsurge in the history of man. In the old times, business took a slow pace, thanks to the lack of tools that would allow for faster business transactions. Everything was done with the help of some mechanical tools and the bare hands, which made it unthinkable to do business instantly.

A short track in the history of technology in business allows one to see the radical yet dramatic shift from the old business procedures to the innovative approaches as seen today. In addition, it also gives one a better understanding of how important the use of technology is in business.

It’s however amazing to see that lots of businesses in this part of the world are yet to enjoy optimal use of the available technologies especially to the benefits of their businesses and in so doing effecting a standard finishing on their productivity and profitability.

We are presenting to you a 55 year old company; a matured mother who is well experienced and able to nurture your good business, and that exude much confidence for all stakeholders’ competence and adequacy.

Our company is currently with close to 3,000 employees spread across the six geo-political zones covering the 36 states in Nigeria through a well equipped branch network. We bring to fore our world class excellent service reflecting our rather humble beginning as an importer of quality building materials and some English trucks and now grown into an outstanding and highly innovative blue chip company that supplies premium power, industrial and automotive brands with excellent customer service experience.

Since our incorporation in 1957, through calculated efforts in organizing strategic training and frequent resourceful interaction between us and our foreign partners, we have experienced tremendous growth resulting into diversification in our operations which now includes sales and service of world’s leading power and industrial equipment brands.

Due to our customer driven philosophy, we strive to always know the rhythm suitable to our various customers’ dance steps, taking one customer at a time. Our research and development department is highly equipped to know the tailor – made strategy to deploy towards ensuring that every customer’s need is met and exceeded at each point in time.

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Our Objectives:

  • Enhance productivity and profitability of every good business
  • Minimize an average business’ exposure to risks to zero level
  • Encourage efficiency that transfers to constant high turnover

Our  Edge:

  • Prompt & Proactive Servicing: Up – to - the – minute and efficient customer – service across sales, spares and servicing that guarantees that you are delighted across every of your transactions with us.
  • Total Quality Fleet Plus Management: At the heart of our customer service philosophy that we have built over the last 55 years is our heritage of quality. We guarantee you the deployment of quality  maintenance of your fleet that you will thrust in our care
  • Corporate Pricing: Our Fleet Plus package is designed to ensure an unbeatable offer of real value for you through our bouquet of either reduced pricing or contract agreement pricing
  • Reliability & Experience: Like the old wine that tastes better with age,   more than half of our staffs are dedicated to maintaining and servicing the considerable number of our customers’ base across the country. This staffs receives continuous training, both locally and overseas, to ensure a high level of competence to cater for your need. Our facilities are modern and highly sophisticated to compliment our personnel with a pedigree of proven craftsmanship.
  • Accessibility: Our locations spread across the 6 geo-political zone of the country is of great benefit
  • Insurance Cover: We provide this to cover for the risk of accidental damage, theft and other related risks associated with your vehicles in our custody during the repair period.
  • Courtesy Vehicles: We provide courtesy vehicles as a buffer for you within the period of the repair of your vehicles.  Towing Vehicles: We offer our towing vehicle at a reasonably affordable rate (within 50km from your HQ office) in the event of the breakdown of your vehicles anywhere.

Our clientele cuts across all sectors of the economy granting our excellent services supporting and turning every good business to a great one.

Our Value Added Services: 

  • Fleet Plus (Auto Fleet Owners)
  • Voltage Plus (Power Fleet Owners)
  • Service Plus (Auto/Power Fleet Owners)
  • Warranty Plus (Auto/Power Fleet Owners)

Outstanding Benefits:

  • Our Pedigree; Name, History and organized Business structure come handy
  • Higher concentration in other salient areas guarantees a plus in business profitability
  • Accurate documentation to help in budgeting and planning
  • Activity tracking for proper reporting
  • Available maintenance report; helps to make accurate budgeting
  • Our branch network enables trace of vehicle history and helps organizations take other growth enhancing decisions


Ford Taurus

Phone +234 7090884195, 07091056783
Address Summit Road By Amphila Road Junction Asaba, Delta State


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