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Bincom - Information Communication Technology Solutions

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Bincom is a fast growing Information Communication Technology  solutions service provider company. We specialize in Web Design, Web Development and customized desktop and online application development, social and mobile media.

Our drive is to provide our clients with tomorrow's technology today .... So they in turn have a big edge over their competitors. 

At Bincom, we believe that nothing is impossible. This has and still enables us to think outside the box and enables us to come up with amazing solutions to numerous client issues.

We prescribe, develop and deploy for each client's unique problems the best solution, in the best overall package, with overall excellence.

Though the founding partners had previous web industry experience, Bincom ICT Solutions started operation as an organisation officially in September 2006 as a Web Development Firm. We have now grown into various other key areas of ICT .View some of our past jobs by visiting Webs we Weaved

Bincom is registered in the Federal Republic of NIgeria as a Limited Liability Company with company registration number RC859125

Our Vision

to be the World’s best and Universal Provider of ICTS*
with Exceptional and Personalized Service.

*ICTS -> Information Communication Technology Solution

Our Mission 

to facilitate Best Use of Technology 
for communication , operations and production 
from Nigeria to the World and beyond.


Our Solutions

We ensure best use of technology in all our services.

We facilitate for the client the best possible solution.

We ensure personalised service as no two clients are ever the same.


 Some of our services include :

Content Management Systems/Web portals .
Information has to stay current and websites have to remain relevant by the second. We design, develop and deploy content management systems and web portals. The client are able to update the information present to the public due to access to our backend.

Small and Medium Business Websites.
We can help small and medium company deploy basic websites, The website helps the company give basic information about their enterprise. This solution is who cannot 

Wedding / Social Events Websites
The internet and indeed social event website has become a fast and convenient way of getting information about events. Bincom can help deploy a graphically rich information point prior to or in memorial of your special events.

Social Media

Mobile Media 

IT service Management  


Services+ Solution

Bincom ICT Solutions is structured into seven service Groups that are structured to help us deploy optimal service to our clients

  • Development + Support (web , apps, opensource, enterprise, etc )
  • Web Services (web 3.0, social media, mobile & emerging media, etc)
  • ICT Service Management (Project management, ICT4SME, Head-Hunters, Outsourcing, Logistics , etc)
  • ICT Products + Services (freelancer, smartnews , traffic , realestate , etc )
  • Projects + Events (Trainings , CodeSprints, Seminars & Conferences ,etc)
  • Community + Investments ( ideas, people , products, business development,etc   )
  • Best Use of Technology ( Research , Strategy & Future Development  )

Our Solution delivery process typically cuts across various service groups in a bid to deploy end-to-end solution to clients. We also offer free consultation to clients to help us deploy .  Contact our business development team to get started!

 We offer various services in the field of Information Communication Technology Solutions. Our services are in line with our vision and mission to facilitate BEST USE OF TECHNOLOGY.

Our services include Design, Development and Deployment of:

  • Websites
  • Web Portals
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Custom Desktop Applications
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Solutions

Other Services offered by Bincom includes:

  • Small and Medium Business ICT Management
  • Software and Web Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • ICT Project Management
  • ICT Consulting
  • Top & Mid level Management ICT Strategy + Trainings
  • ICT Events and Training
  • *ICTS- Information and Communication Technology Solutions

Bincom is a fast growing Information Communication Technology Solutions Provider Company. We specialize in Web Design, Web Development and customized desktop and online application development, social and mobile media.  Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria with clients worldwide, Bincom is one of the fastest growing ICT firms in the World.

Some of the services we offer includes facilitation of Content Management Systems(CMS), Social Media Strategy, Integration & Implementation , Joomla User Group Nigeria, IT Service Management , Software Consulting amongst many others.

Explore our site to discover the world of Bincom. We are arguably Nigeria's Best Web Development Firm. We have lots of accolades to show for it. Check out webs we weaved to see our most recent web development works.  Find out how we have become part or all of the IT department for organisations under of  ICT service management package. We also consult for and use Facebook and other social media platform to help our clients achieve the long term goals.

Phone (+234) 1 854 6554 , (+234) 1 813 6530, (+234) 802 322 3796
Address 2nd floor, 21 Araromi Street, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria


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