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Bethany Hall Creche Nursery School

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Bethany Hall Creche Nursery School was a vision of two families: Engr. And Mrs. Chibeze O.Anyafulu and Professor and Arch. (Mrs.) Adebayo B. Ejiwunmi. This, of course, was borne out of a desire to contribute to the meaningful development of the Nigerian child in every aspect of life.


At Bethany Hall, we focus on the total child by providing quality education for the children from ages 1plus - 10 years. We provide a safe and nurturing environment in which our pupils and family feel welcome and comfortable to learn in. We encourage the social, physical, creative and emotional development of each child in a fun filled and safe environment.


Our professionally trained and qualified staff fully guide all our pupils in their learning. We believe that parents/guardians have the most influence in a child’s life. We view parents as our partners in the education of our children and together we have all made Bethany Hall School the best creche nursery and primary school in Ogudu GRA and in Lagos.


The school started as a crèche in January 2006 at No 5, Adebayo Ogunronbi Close, Ogudu and later moved to her present site at No 40B Omo Ighodalo Street, Behind Mr. Biggs. Ogudu GRA, as a school (Creche, Nursery and Primary) on the 18th of September, 2006.




  • To produce a total child that is sound spiritually and emotionally.
  • To produce excellent pupils that competes with their peers globally and internationally.
  • To produce pupils of high educational standard and sound morals.



The school currently comprises of eleven air-conditioned classrooms: five for the Nursery and six for the primary or basic pupils, each with a sitting capacity of up to 25 children. There is a well equipped computer laboratory served with a wifi internet service that enables pupils learn hands-on via the internet where the need arises and also take on-line examination in some subjects.


The library is well equipped with over one thousand (1000) books for the reading pleasure and knowledge acquisition of the children as well as research materials for the teaching staff in some of the areas of learning. The play-group is well equipped for the young ones as it is said that “all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.


In order to facilitate full participation and comfort of the pupils, the school runs three buses and provides mid-day meals for the children. Each meal is served fresh from the kitchen which is run by a trained chef.




The school curriculum satisfies the full depth of the approved curriculum of studies under the “Universal Basic Education System” of the Federal Ministry of Education, and incorporates other elements drawn from British and American curricula for primary education. The methods used in our school encourage research and innovation at the early age, with the aim of creating a solid foundation for our budding entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow’s society.

Teaching Staff

At Bethany hall, we aim at achieving excellence. Learning at Bethany Hall is carried out under the tutelage of highly qualified and experienced teachers with passion for teaching, in a conducive learning environment. The class teacher is responsible for your child’s learning and social development. Each class teacher is happy to speak and meet with parents when it is convenient.


Textbooks are available in the school at reasonable prices.



  • The school provides transportation services at moderate charges, however, this is optional.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s safe transportation to and from school.


School fees


  • Fees are paid termly to the designated banks and copies of the teller returned to the bursar.
  • Fees are paid on or before the third week of each term.



  • Parents who want their children to take school lunch will pay the stipulated amount per term for each child in this regard.
  • This amount must be paid along with the school fees.



  • Parents are requested to give full details of any physical disability from which their children suffer.
  • They are to keep their children at home in any case of illness such as cold, fever, rashes, measles, cough etc, which are very infectious.
  • Any serious illness developed in school is normally referred to the hospital. The parents of the child concerned will have to settle the bill for such treatment.

School uniform


  • Uniforms and sports kits are purchased from school at reasonable price per pair on admission to school, and later as the need arise.
  • Pupils in pre-school should have extra shirt and pants at school.
  • Pupils should be neatly dressed to school.
  • Black shoes and white socks are to be worn.
  • No child is allowed to wear slippers or come to school on bare foot.
  • Pupils who are not neatly dressed may not be allowed in school.


School term

  • School terms and holidays are based on directives from the Lagos State Ministry of Education.
  • All other public holidays observed by the state and federal Government are also observed.
  • Parents will be informed from time to time of any holiday.

School hours


  • The school gates are open at 6:45am for the benefits of parents who wish to drop their children in the school on their way to work.
  • The school resumes at 8:00am and closes at 1:00pm (Nursery) 3:00pm (Elementary).
  • Late pick up of children attracts a fine.

Change of address


  • The school should be informed in writing immediately a parent or guardian changes his or her address.
  • This is very necessary to facilitate easy contact when the need arises.

Daily assembly


  • The school opens with Christian religious devotional service in its premises.
  • Every pupil is expected to take active part in it to enhance some of the aims of the school.

Learning assessment

At Bethany hall, we believe in promoting each child’s strengths and attenuating his weaknesses by providing different learning experiences.


We use variety of assessment tools to monitor and chart each child’s development, observation, document, checklist, survey, interviews and much more.

Assessment tool development areas


  • Child portfolio: A collection of pupils work.
  • Motor development: Checklist of small and large motor movement observation during gym and free play.
  • Intellectual Development: Observed and documented continually.
  • Language learning: Observed during interactions with teachers and pupils, listening and verbal skill.
  • Social Development: Temperament and social skills observed and documented.
  • Emotional development: Evaluation of child’s stress level and problem solving skills.
  • Parents/Guardians Surveys: On progress of education and comments.




Phone 07040614131
Address 40B, Omo Ighodalo Street Ogudu, G.R.A. Lagos, Nigeria


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