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BEC Suites - Lagos

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Driving through the metropolitan city of Lagos city – morning, noon, eve or night, the experience is one of people in a rush – all in a hurry to get somewhere but never able to hurry fast enough: from dawn till dusk, day in, day out. Every hour seems to have a new target, new deadline, new expectations, and new finishing lines. The rush never stops. Some streets and homes never sleep, the activities never stop, the struggles and search for fulfillment never ends.
Then one day the heart starts yearning for peace. But in the midst of all this chaos, where can one run to find such idyllic peace – if even for a while?
And then one day, you drive through a place called Ikeja, specifically an area called G.R.A, and then you realize that there is another life altogether. It is still Lagos alright but there is a difference.
There is a place carved out for unusual homeliness, friendliness and hospitality. You are ushered n by the peace and quiet, and welcomed by the courtesy and sheer professionalism of very caring people. The warmth and the idyllic beauty of the environment is glorious and you are cushioned by the comfort and simple opulence of the home called BEC SUITES.
There you have everything you need.
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BEC SUITES boasts some of the best cooking ever imagined, whether local or continental. You will get it and at a standard comparable anywhere in the world. A trial will convince you that this is true.
We have our evidence to in our selection of guests, an assemblage of expatriate and indigenous personalities from all walks of life. At BEC, we do not offer meals jus to stave off hunger, but serve good quality balanced diet to nourish and build you up. Even your doctor will be happy.
BEC is proud of facilities that will attract and satisfy your recreational and other needs, and keep you fit and healthy. Some of these include a well-equipped gym, good-sized swimming pool and facilities help you relax and forget all cares.
BEC has a conference room that is expandable to suit your official, individual and social needs. As every inch of comfort in the inside space of BEC is air-conditioned, you are assured f 24-hour constant supply at all meetings and gatherings. Our high powered generating sets and our formidable team of engineers guarantee theses ideals.
We have high-tech facilities that will satisfy every level of taste and demand. All rooms have working internet facilities and our qualified IT engineers are always on hand to nip any problem in the bud.
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BEC rooms are tastefully furnished in impeccable style to satisfy even the most discerning eye and taste. Every guest, male or female, adult or child, has a soft spot for one or all of our attractions. Our rooms are beckoning and soothing. They are so comfortable that some guests choose to stay for weeks or months at a time.
One of BEC’s strengths and added advantage is her staff. Facilities and a good Vision notwithstanding, the presence and versatility of a virile crop of qualified and dependable staff make all the ideals of the Company a reality. With and assemblage of both indigenous and expatriate staff, BEC possesses experts in every segment of the Hospitality business. This asset furthers the aims and objectives of the Company and makes BEC the envy of rivals and competitors.
BEC boasts of first class internet Facilities. Our VSAT is fast and never breaks down when you need it most. With a service that is this reliable, you will never need to worry about your needs however complex or varied, whenever you are in BEC SUITES.
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Phone Tel: 234-(0)1-271-0454, 234-(0)1-271-6924
Address X51 A & 53, Sir Michael Otedola Crescent, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria


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