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Bayou Farms and Industries Limited (BFIL)

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Company Structure

Bayou Farms and Industries Limited (BFIL) is a Nigerian registered company. BFIL is owned by U.S.A. entities - Schaffer and Associates International LLC. (SAIL) and Arcadiana Farms Inc. (AFI).

SAIL, one of BFIL owners is a major resource provider to the entity's projects. Other technical resource providers include but are not limited to the following:

  • Louisiana State University Agriculture Center (LSU AgCenter)
  • Acro Bio-Tech Co., Ltd (Acro)
  • Thomas International (Thomas)



Presented below are brief credentials (profile and qualifications) of the BFIL Team:

  • Possesses over 36 years successful track record in implementing major agro and agro-industrial projects throughout Africa.
  • Comprises a number of key professional staff, involved in execution and project management, who together possess over 90 years of experience in successfully implementing projects throughout Africa.
  • SAIL was recently the beneficiary of a number of prestigious awards for corporate citizenship and achievement in Africa, from the US Secretary of State and the US Corporate Council on Africa (CCA).
  • Our leading agric resource provider is Louisiana State University Agriculture Center (LSU AgCenter), operators of some of the world's largest Agriculture Research Stations - Aquaculture, Rice, Sugar, etc.
  • For agric industrialization, we are in partnership with Acro, one of the largest Chinese manufacturer of agric based machineries such as rice mills (paddy and parboiled), flour mills (wheat), oil mills (oil palms, peanuts, corn, etc.), feed mills, cassava processing (flour, ethanol, starch and biogas) plants, starch processing (cassava, corn or potatoes) sugar refineries, storage and grains transportation facilities.


BFIL is able to handle agro-based projects from feasibility studies stage through project implementation phase. Consultancy expertise includes but not limited to the following:

  • Cassava (Cultivation & Processing)
  • Rice (Cultivation & Processing)
  • Oil Palm (Cultivation & Processing)
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Feed Mill
  • Poultry
  • Seeds (various crops)

BFIL also provides agro-based supply and value chain development consultancy services to the World Bank.

Training/Human Capacity Development

BFIL focuses on training to improve individual skills, judgment and technical aptitude which are vital elements to the development of projects and to create an eventual sustainable development effect.

As is widely known, the greatest single test facing development projects in Nigeria as in many African countries is human capacity development. There are very few workers with up-to-date practical skills; commitment to work is almost non-existent; and staffers with leadership qualities are few and far between. This is our experience so far in developing projects in Africa. We are constantly in touch with development partners to source funds and formulate policies to alleviate the challenges of human capacity development.


Empowerment of Women/Gender Equality

BFIL has a policy that promotes empowerment of women and gender equality. The Heads of our project units such as Hatchery/Nursery Ponds, Marketing, Preservation and Packaging have been women. The entire hatchery unit of BFIL Akwa Ibom State aquaculture project was operated by women. BFIL from time to time selects university level graduates for specialized training and strives to absorb successful ones upon completion of their training.


Research & Development

BFIL is committed to research and development. Most of its research activities are carried out through collaboration with local universities, research institutions and foreign technical resource providers.


Outgrower & Micro-Credit Program

BFIL is involved in outgrower and micro-credit program to prop up replication of projects and encourage participation of local farmers. We are actively working on expanding our scope of collaboration with development partners, non-governmental organizations, and private foundations in financing this part of our activities, to replicate our efforts and ultimately create more jobs and sustainable development in our areas of operation.





Phone 234-80-5711 4878
Address 14, Sakono Street, Opposite AP Plaza, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, CNB Quarters, Wuse II, Abuja


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