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Anglican Diocese Enugu

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The word Cathedral is derived from the Latin noun "cathedra" (seat or chair), and refers to the presence of the Bishop's or Archbishop's chair or throne. In the ancient world, the chair was the symbol of a teacher and thus of the Bishop's role as teacher, and also of an official presiding as a magistrate and thus of the Bishop's role in governing a Diocese. The seat marks the place set aside in the prominent church of the diocese for the head of that diocese and is therefore a major symbol of authority.

A Cathedral, in common with other Christian churches has an altar or table upon which theEucharist is laid, a lectern for reading the Bible and a pulpit from which the sermon is traditionally preached. Cathedrals also have abaptismal font for the traditional rite of washing that marks the acceptance of a new Christian, (most usually an infant) into the Church. Particularly in Italy, baptism may take place in a separate building for that purpose. Within the church, an area, usually to the eastern end, is set aside for the ceremonial seats of the dignitaries of the church, as well as the choir.

Cathedrals of monastic foundation and some of secular clergy have square cloisters which traditionally provided an open area where secular activities took place protected from wind and rain. Some cathedrals also have achapter house where the chapter could meet. In England, where these buildings have survived, they are often octagonal. A cathedral may front onto the main square of a town, as in Florence, or it may be set in a walled close as atCanterbury. There may be a number of associated monastic or clergy buildings, a bishop's palace and often a school to educate the choristers.


Cathedrals, especially Cathedral church of the Good shepherd, Nigeria (Anglican Diocese of Enugu), because of their large size and the fact that they often have towers, spires or domes, have until the 20th century, been the major landmarks in cities or in views across the countryside. With high-rise building, civil action has been taken in some cases, such as theCologne Cathedral to prevent the vista of the cathedral from being spoiled.

Because many cathedrals except the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Independence layout, Enugu took centuries to build and decorate. TheCathedral of Good Shepherd constitutes a major artistic investment for the city of Enugu where it stands. Not only is the building itself  architecturally significant, but the church also houses treasures such as stained glass, stone and marble statues, richly carved marble furniture and object of both artistic and religious significance. Moreover, the cathedral often plays a major role in telling the story of the town, through its plaques, inscriptions, stained glass and paintings.

For these reason, tourists have traveled to cathedrals for hundred of years. Many cathedrals cater for tourists by charging a fee to any visitors outside service times or requesting a donation or making a charge to take photos. Cathedrals that are particularly popular tourist venues sometimes provide guides, leaflets, souvenirs and cafes.

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Diocese of Enugu began in the year1969 when the Nigerian civil war was raging with Bishop Otubelu as the pioneer Bishop whose consecration took place in Sierra Leone. The Diocese was not inaugurated until after the war with St. Bartholomew’s Church Asata adopted as the cathedral for the mean time (pro – cathedral, which is now a proto – cathedral). The Diocesan Board endorsed the vision to erect a befitting new cathedral and in turn set up a Diocesan Design committee who proposed the following procedures:


(i)       First, the “Lady Chapel” of up to six hundred seating capacity was to be built


(ii)    This will be followed by a five thousand capacity seating “naïve”   


On April 25 1982 the Rt. Honorable and Most Rev. Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie the then Archbishop of Canterbury in the presence of the Most Rev. Timothy Olufisoye, the Archbishop of the Church of Nigeria and Rt. Rev. Gideon Nweke Otubelu laid the foundation stone of the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd. The Cathedral seat immediately left St. Bartholomew’s Church Asata to the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd with the Layer’s dedication in 1992 where rev. Canon Chike Nwizu was preferred the Provost of the Cathedral on 25th December 1993. After analysis of collated tenders of designs and drawings, Arch. David Ifejika’s own was selected. His firm was commissioned to provide all necessary drawings for the Cathedral. 


On 7th March 1994, contract agreement for the construction of the Nave of the Cathedral was signed by the Bishop representing the Anglican Diocese of Enugu and the contractor, Halcon Engineering Associates Limited represented by the Managing Director Engr. Onyemelukwe; construction work commenced thereafter. Money posed a great threat for such a gigantic structure but God provided a take of token through the effort of the then Bishop and the Provost which was like a spate of salt into the Atlantic Ocean hence the work could not come out of foundation level. It was not long and the work parked up leaving the construction company no choice but to withdraw their services and workers because their client had gone insolvent, owing them the tone of five million naira.


This standstill was the situation until 5thMarch 1998 when HIS LORDSHIP RT. REV. DR. E.O. CHUKWUMA arrived Enugu on translation from Bauchi and was enthroned as the See of Enugu Anglican Diocese. As a young, vibrant and experienced millennium Bishop he used all the verse exposures he had to mobilize, bulldoze and speed up the building of the Cathedral as well as set the entire Dioceses on Pentecostal fire. Things started moving again as he raised the and cleared the debt owed Halcon construction company (the 5million naira was paid).


Work again commenced and he summoned a meeting of selected members of the Cathedral on Monday 21st 2000. The work commenced on labour contract only with Mr. Emeka Nwosu as the site supervisor of the consultants. The nave was roofed after the steel structures were in place and the electrical work (conduit wiring) was done, all on labour contract whereas the Provost retired in November 2004 leaving quite a lot to be done. The speed, strategy and life Bishop Chukwuma employed was incomparably march less if compared with the long years invested before his emergence. He appointed Rev. Canon H. Nwosu as Canon residentiary and Ven. C.C. Nweke who succeeded him as Dean and both also assisted His Lordship.


The intimidating edifice occupying substantially an adorable posture and aesthetics, that is “The Cathedral Church of The Good Shepherd, Achi Street, Independence layout, Enugu has amerced indisputable laurels to Enugu state, Eastern region, Nigeria, Africa and the whole world. This has only come as a result of visionary initiative and leadership. It has also attracted great influence and name to the existing tourism per excellence already established by the enviable government of this great Enugu state. Such encomium has come through the pragmatic and visionary leadership of a gift in our time, the people’s Bishop, a man of God with indescribable potentiality and fore – sight, an enviable friend of God – Bishop Emmanuel Olisa Chukwuma with his wife Dr. Mrs. Joyce N. Chukwuma and the entire clergy of Enugu Anglican Diocese.

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 As stated above the Primate, Metropolitan Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion – His Grace Most Revd. Peter Jasper Akinola this day Sunday 30thDecember:-

(i). Dedicated the Cathedral church of The Good Shepherd, breaking history that Cathedrals are built for a long period of years. It is not so with our own Cathedral Church of The Good Shepherd because of the commitment of a committed Bishop, Bishop E.O. Chukwuma,

(ii). Celebrated the COMMEMORATION OF 10TH year of translation of RT. REV. DR. EMMANUEL. O. CHUKWUMA, D. D, OON and Dr. Mrs. Joyce N. Chukwuma, the same day, titled: A COMPENDIUM – of a Great Visioner (A decade of the Episcopal activities of The Rt. Rev. Dr. E.O. Chukwuma, OON in Enugu Diocese).

 (iii). A book titled “A life of thankful service – a biography of Rt. Rev. Gideon Nweke Otubelu, Bishop Emeritus of Enugu” was unveiled out of Bishop Chukwuma’s large heart to immortalize his predecessor’s name (Papa Otubelu he fondly calls him). Long live the Primate, long live Bishop Chukwuma, long live the clergy and Diocese of Enugu. Long live Enugu state.

It was a historic and inexplicably, eventful panorama housing beyond five thousand worshippers, excluding a fleece of flamboyant enthusiast at the Lady Chapel, at its balconies and outside the cathedral nave witnessing the supersonic service of the occasion of this Cathedral dedication who also were part of the service through a teleconferencing media. Seated right inside the nave is the Primate, Archbishops, Bishops, a formidable mass choir (more than a hundred and fifty) accompanied by a pipe organ and an orchestra.               

 Many Dignitaries equally graced the dedication of the Great Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd, Achi street, such dignitaries included; Mr Peter Obi, the Executive Governor of Anambra State; Dame Virgy Etiaba, the Deputy Governor of Anambra State; Lady Dr Ada Okwuonu, the Deputy Governor of Imo State; Dr Chris Ngige, the Erstwhile Governor of Anambra State; Prof Charles Soludo, the Governor of CBN; Chief Alex Ekwueme; Erstwhile Vice President of Nigeria, to mention a few. Many Traditional Rulers such as Late Igwe Diribe, Igwe of Ogui Nike also graced the occassion

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