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Amni International Petroleum Development Company Limited Port Harcourt

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Amni was incorporated in 1993. The company was granted Oil Prospecting Licences (OPL) 469 and 237 in 1993 & 1994 respectively for a term of five (5) years by Nigeria’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

Exploration and drilling activities commenced in early 1995. The company initially had as its technical partner Liberty Technical Services, a subsidiary company of Abacan Resource Corporation of Canada. Production commenced in earnest in December 1996. During the first year, a total of 6,271,723 barrels of oil was produced and 6,181,790 barrels was exported. As a result of the successful implementation of its work programme, OPL 469 was converted to Oil Mining Lease (OML) 112 for a term of 25 years in 1998, while OPL 237 was converted to OML 117 in 1999.

An initiative to bring more accountability to operations in mid 1998 resulted in the dissolution of the partnership between Amni & Abacan. Amni assumed sole operatorship of the concession. During this period the company faced enormous challenges, mostly financial.

These vicissitudes strengthened the company giving it the experience advantage. Amni has lived up to the Latin phraseology fortitudine vincimus - “by endurance we conquered”. The company has shown that an indigenous oil and gas E&P company can survive in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

Today Amni has set new standards for itself and is determined more than ever to exceed them. 

Amni entered into Agreements with TOTAL through its subsidiary TOTAL E&P Nigeria Limited (formerly Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited) in 2005, under which TOTAL acquired a 40% interest in OMLs 112 and 117.  TOTAL relinquished its rights to the crude oil from the current developed reservoirs in Ima Field effective from April 2007.

TOTAL subsequently relinquished both its right to participate in and any future right of re-entry into the development of Okoro/ Setu Fields, allowing  Amni , in March 2006, to enter into Agreements  with Afren Energy Resources, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afren Plc, for the Okoro/Setu (exclusive area) fields development.


Amni believes in its people. The company employs 98 people (81 are regular employees and 17 temporary employees). A well experienced 4 man board of directors oversees the company.

Employees are grouped into 6 smaller work units or “departments”. These departments are Operations, Accounts, Exploration, Corporate Affairs, Legal and Human Resources/Administration. Each department is supervised by a senior manager. This organizational structure allows the departments to work through delegation and empowerment with strong leadership shown at all levels.

Existing oil production facilities at IMA consist of the "Langley" Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU), a fixed wellhead platform with capacity for twelve wells, a pipeline system and the "Ailsa Craig" Floating Storage and Offtake vessel(FSO). A total of twelve wells have produced to date, with four oil producers currently operational. Gas compression and re-injection facilities are present on the MOPU.

At Okoro, a three phase subsea flow-line transports produced fluid from Okoro wellhead platform to the "Armada Perkasa" FPSO for processing. Gas lift flow-lines from the FPSO to the wellhead platform are installed for gas lift i future field management.

For export optimisation, a shuttle tanker, the Irini, transports Okoro product from the Armada Perkasa to the Ailsa Craig at IMA, where crude oil is stored and exported.

At Amni, safety and operating efficiency are not compromised. The company has invested enormously in training staff in safety and health related subjects. It believes that safety consciousness within the workplace can not be over-emphasized.



Phone 234 (84) 237193, 234 (84) 239079
Address 1 St. Thomas Close, Nkpogu Road Off Trans Amadi Industrial Layout Port Harcourt, Nigeria


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