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Air Sea Freighters Ltd Port harcourt

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It was incorporated in 1992 and commenced operations in October, 1998. Air sea Freighters Ltd is wholly indigenous company; its principal business is shipping, Freighting (Clearing & Forwarding) transportation, Consultancy, etc.

The mission of Air Sea Freighters Ltd is. 
1. To give impetus to the shipping and transportation industry by articulating all aspects of operation in the highest professional manner.

2. To improve modalities of operation and set high standard to operations in shipping, transportation and cargo handling business.

3. To combine air, sea, land and rail networks and other logistical aspects in transportation to meet our hallmark which is customer satisfaction?

4. To provide first class commercial representation and support operation by experienced and dedicated staff covering cargo consolidation in clearing & forwarding as well as ship agency representation. Air Sea Freighters Ltd. Provide a full range of Agency Services including; aircraft handling, ship husbandry and project cargoes. We have a number of developments designed to give organizations a most comprehensive method of cargo collection and consolidation for delivery to various customers.

The motto of Air Sea Freighters Limited is: Efficiency, Promptness and reliability. To achieve these, are

1. By articulating and mobilizing men and equipment in the most economical way of operations. 
2. By prompt delivery of goods and services to meet the customer’s satisfaction. Promptness in service delivery enables client to meet his projection and focus; it also reduces costs by avoiding unnecessary rent and demurrage.

3. By reliability, Air Sea Freighters Ltd. Has won the confidence of majority of our clients as time is of great essence in planning because anybody who fails to plan then plants to fail.

Air Sea Freighters Ltd. Move goods out of Nigeria by Air and sea to the outside world. We have beautiful working relationship with the various Airlines and Shipping Agencies as our bookings are always given priority attention.

Nigeria’s main export earning is Crude Oil and recently Liquefied Gas on Tankers, Vessels, nevertheless a lot of exports from Nigeria are machinery and equipment which go out for repairs or refurbishing and return. Recently, many manufacturing companies are finding international markets especially in Africa and the West African sub-region. A lot of equipment are transferred in the West Coast by the service companies in the Oil & Gas sector. Air Sea Freighters Ltd. Is well involved in the freight forwarding.

Air Sea Freighters Ltd. has its fleet of vehicles of various sizes and makes. The purpose of the various sizes/capacities is to ensure that adequate vehicle is used for the size of cargo as it is wasteful to use 30 tons Trailer to move a 6 tons load. Our vehicles comprise therefore of 30 tons, 15 tons, 10 tons and 6 tons respectively including pickups for small airfreights. Other equipment like Crane, Forklifts, etc, are available.

Our fleet is made up of Toyota, MAN and Mack Truck. Some trucks are suitable for certain roads; we take into serious consideration the terrain of the delivery sites.

Groupage and full load services from one part of Nigeria to the other is our business.

Air Sea Freighters Ltd is involved in shipping Agency and ship husbandry. Agency includes TugBoats, supply Boats, Coastwise vessels and products tankers as well as Ocean going vessels on liner terms and crude oil tankers, which are tramps.

Air Sea Freighter Ltd is registered by the Nigeria Ports Authority as a Shipping Company/Agents. It also has permit by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to operate and serve the companies in the Oil & Gas sector.

Air Sea Freighter Ltd offers consultancy services to clients on the requirements and regulations in importation of goods into Nigeria including tariff rates and the respective harmonized codes.

In the transport sector, we ensure that we advise clients appropriately on the mode of sipping their goods by air or sea depending of course on the quantity/volume and urgency of the material for the intended project or market.

The key personnel have wealth of experience spanning an aggregate of over 120 years, which is a foundation of expertise that enables us to offer a comprehensive range of multi-modal services. The men and women are drawn from the various reputable companies in the Shipping Clearing & Forwarding Industry in Nigeria. For example, the MD/CEO, Sir Enoch A. Iwueze is a name in the industry in Nigeria, having served Panalpina World Transport for 26 years, entering as Shipping Manager, to Container Manager, to Senior Branch Manager and to Directorship in-charge of Corporate Development before retiring meritorious in 1998.

Phone 234-84-612582-3, 612359/60
Address 213 Aba Road, Opposite R.A P.O.Box 5532, Trans Amadi, Port harcourt Nigeria


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