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Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD), Nigeria

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About Us

Q:     Why was ABUAD (a charitable institution) established?

A:     ABUAD was established solely as an agent of transforming education in Nigeria. It is designed to be a reference point for other universities on planning, environment, aesthetic structures, furniture, teaching aid and quality education.

Q:     How did ABUAD rise so quickly to achieve the acknowledged uniqueness as a model and reference point?

A:     The Founder, a seasoned and tireless university administrator, was personally involved in the planning and construction work which was completed within 8 months. It is the first and only University in Nigeria to commence academic activities on the permanent site with all the state-of-the-art facilities in place within 8 months of the turning of the sod.

Q:     What were the facilities on ground which qualified the University for a Licence within eight months?

A:     Quality, attractive and beautiful wall fence and gate; dual carriage way with beautiful circular ceremonial roads; sporting facilities which include badminton court, volley ball court, basket ball court and tennis hitting wall and football pitches; magnificent college and hostel buildings, modern cafeteria, large auditorium, 78 huge Lecture halls, 43 Lecturer offices, huge lecture theatres, E-library, ICT facilities, modern laboratory equipment, LexisNexis academic library, interactive electronic boards, Physical Library, Solar Light etc.

Q:     What is the guiding philosophy of the Founder?

A:     Discipline, Industry, determination, service, integrity, sound education and quality leadership.

Q:     What does ABUAD do to make students imbibe founder’s ideal of excellence in education and character?

A:     The founder personally prepared and authored an ABUAD anthem which is premised on his belief in industry and doggedness as the road-map to success. The university anthem reads as follows:

ABUAD we come, oh oh oh ABUAD we come;

Founded by Afe Babalola;

A believer in industry and determination.

A unique environment;

With aesthetic structure;

A beacon university;

Delivery unequalled;

Designed for high quality education;

To mould character and infuse knowledge

Out to lead others.

Proud of ABUAD;

The launching pad to excellence

With determination;

Faith in ABUAD’s philosophy of industry, service and character,

Our future for greatness and excellence is assured.

ABUAD ensures that every student sings the anthem daily. Both teachers and students observe and practise the ideals contained in the anthem.

Q:     How is ABUAD moulding the character of its students?

A:     ABUAD prepares and distributes written code of conduct to teachers and students ABUAD emphasizes among others:

Ø    Maximum use of time for academic work

Ø    Punctuality to classes and all functions in the university,

Ø    Neatness

Ø    Proper dressing and

Ø    Industry, cleanliness, respect for others

Q:     What is ABUAD’s panacea for attaining quality education?

A:     ABUAD provides highly qualified teachers, employs case study method of teaching and each staff dresses corporately. Students and teachers report in the University promptly at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm. Teachers give students assignments daily and encourage students to read and research. Students and teachers sign attendance registers. Lateness and absence are sanctioned. Use of laptops and telephones in classes is forbidden. ABUAD ensures strict compliance with the code of conduct. Students evaluate teachers, and teachers also evaluate students. ABUAD conducts periodic staff training programmes, sponsor staff to national and international conferences and encourages them to engage in Research and Development and to publish in reputable international journals.

Q:     How is ABUAD preventing the types of vices prevalent in older universities?

A:     All students coming to ABUAD are screened. ABUAD has introduced a very active Parents-Teachers Forum which meets regularly. The founder holds monthly free dinner for staff and students and also addresses and interacts with them. The students are fully engaged in useful academic programmes and extra-curricular activities that ensure excellence in academics, good character and leadership qualities.

Q:     Has ABUAD any regulation on religious worship?

A:     ABUAD permits freedom of religion. It forbids the wearing of religious outfits which breeds discrimination. It also prohibits all forms of religious extremism.

Q:     What are ABUAD’s welfare programmes for teachers?

A:     The contract of employment with each member of staff is personal thereby making it absolutely unnecessary to go on strike. Promotion of teachers and increase in salary depend on personal performance, creativeness and innovative support for the university. ABUAD rewards good performance and achievement at the end of each semester. The salary entry point of any staff is the highest in the country.

ABUAD provides accommodation for staff and arrangement is made for vehicles to college offices. When necessary, it facilitates staff loan to build houses or buy furniture. ABUAD provides medical treatment for staff.

ABUAD provides insurance for students and staff.

Q:     Has ABUAD any arrangement for visitors, students and parents?

A:     ABUAD has 42 luxurious suites for parents in its modern guest house, where foreign and native foods are served.

Q:     What are the founder’s vision and mission for ABUAD?


The Vision

The founder’s vision is to establish a world-class educational centre of excellence in academics, character, sports and vocational development in order to produce sound and agile professionals. He dreams of producing leaders and achievers who would be self-reliant, kind, generous, considerate and ‘sportsman’-like.

The Mission

Afe Babalola University is a result-oriented institution for producing highly skilled and socially relevant graduates capable of applying scientific knowledge for the reduction of social problems.

Q:     What should a prospective candidate do to gain admission into ABUAD?

A:     Admission into Afe Babalola University is through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Examinations. A candidate is qualified for admission on passing five subjects (including English and Mathematics) at one sitting or six subjects (including English and Mathematics) at two sittings in the O’Level subjects. Along with this, the candidate must also have passed the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the University’s Post-UTME screening for the intended course of study.

Q:     What are the qualities expected of prospective students?

A:     Afe Babalola University values intellectual ability, sports and academic achievements and those personal qualities that would contribute to the achievement of excellence by all the students.

Q:     What advantages do ABUAD students have which are not available in other Nigerian universities?

A: apart from other points enumerated in the other answer sections, ABUAD has uniquely developed entrepreneurship and language centres. All students are required to pass through these centres during their period of study. The Entrepreneurship Centre is for the training of students in the development of high quality entrepreneurial skills to enable them to be self-reliant apart from their course of study in the university.

The language centre is for the training of students in at least one local and one foreign language apart from English language. This is in response to the increasing globalisation of various areas of our national life including labour and employment.

Q:     Apart from education, in what other ways has ABUAD been relevant to its community?

A:     ABUAD is the highest private employer of labour in Ekiti State. It also has impact on the larger community through various programmes including its vast and extensive agricultural programmes. It has 1000 hectares of land dedicated to cultivation of grains which are harvested four times in a year; 10,000 mango trees which will ensure export of mango fruits all year round; over 75, 000 fishes in the fish ponds; over 10, 000 timber trees in the cultivated teak forest among many others. All these are also being presently expanded


Office of the Founder

Aare Afe Babalola

Afe Babalola University is founded by Aare Afe Babalola, B.Sc (Econs) Lond; LL.B (Hons) Lond; FFPA, FNIALS, FCIArb, LL.D; Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN); Doctor of Letters (LL.D); Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR), and Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON), former Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of the University of Lagos, Nigeria; the immediate past Chairman of the Committee of Pro-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, winner of the Best Pro-Chancellor award in 2005 and 2006, winner of Queen Victoria Commemorative Award at Socrates Award of European Business Assembly in Oxford UK; member of the Rector of Europe, October, 2007; Vice President, Rector of Europe, 2010; and Honorary Professor of International Univeristy.

Aare Afe Babalola attended Emmanuel Primary School, Ado-Ekiti, where he obtained his standard six certificate. That was the end of his formal education. All the educational qualifications listed against his name above were obtained through private study. Aare Afe Babalola was at various times a pupil teacher, a secondary school teacher, secondary school vice principal, university lecturer, economist, auditor, administrator, farmer and educationist. Today, he is a foremost legal icon of his generation not only on the African continent but in the world.

The self-made man is proud of the qualitative primary education he had. It was the high quality of instruction received by him at the Primary School level, he says, proudly, that served as the foundation for his subsequent educational achievements. The founder is unhappy that the same quality of education is no longer available in most educational institutions.


This development and his experience of dwindling qualities on standard of education in the University of Lagos where he was the Pro-Chancellor between 2002 and 2007 and other universities usually regarded as the best in the country that informed him of the urgent need to establish a first class university to serve as a benchmark for other universities.

On the 1st of October, 2008, the turning of the sod ceremony was performed on the university site. In a record time of eight months, the imposing state-of-the-art structures were ready for commissioning.

The Founder deliberately named the University after himself in order to identify the University with those qualities which he is noted for. These qualities include tremendous industry, discipline, integrity, service and trustworthiness. Little wonder that on May 29, 2009 when a team of NUC assessors visited the site they said:

“I can only say that it is a miracle. This is one of the best things to have happened to university education in this part of the world.

“They have set a benchmark for other universities on the e-learning facility, which link the university’s classrooms with other universities across the globe for transfer of knowledge.

“The only challenge is that they have raised the bar for others seeking to establish private universities”.


The College of Science is proud to be a vibrant scientific community that has emerged as a premier centre of research  and education.  We are proud of our Departments, staff and students. Together, we are truly making a difference in the world.



You are Welcome to College of Law. The College is simply unique. It provides very practical, rigorous but highly exciting legal education in an environment that guarantees academic and leadership excellence. The core of its uniqueness lies in its peculiar advantages which include the fact that the College is the only College of Law in Nigeria that has the rare privilege of being established by one of the foremost living legal scholars in the world today.




The excellence of research and teaching in the Department of Accounting at ABUAD is globally acknowledged.The College has long been at the forefront of research and teaching relating to thought, action and decisions reflective of financial information and the manner in which economic calculations shape human activity.



We are delighted to welcome you to the College of Engineering and feel sure that your experience at ABUAD will be rewarding. You will be taught by internationally recognised staff members in high-quality facilities and you will find that there are many opportunities to create, develop and design projects that benefit the global community.

The College has formed strong partnerships with corporate leaders in engineering, computing and mathematics.



I am delighted to welcome you to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences website. The mission, goals and objectives, as well as the overall activity of administrators, faculty and staff in the CMHS support a dedicated effort to provide “Leaderships for Leaderships for the Global Community” in preparing students for compassionate patient care, excellence in research and scholarship, and socially conscious service.



Afe Babalola University is a 21st Century model University. This means that the University understands the importance of science and technology in the development of the human race especially in the face of present global challenges. The University has four well equipped undergraduate research laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and ICT Laboratory; three Post-Graduate Research Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, respectively. There is also established the Post-Graduate Multi-disciplinary Research Laboratory. The aim of the University is to change the misfortune of Africa as the continent with the least contribution to scientific and technological out-put. The University is intended to be a continental research hub for Africa. For this purpose, modalities are being worked out for collaborations with leading research institutes in developed and developing countries.

The University also understands the importance of Information and Communication Technology in this Information/Knowledge Age. Its ICT Laboratory is well equipped to provide for research and practical training of students in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology. There are over 100 computers, each installed with application software used in the teaching and understanding of important computer programs like java, C++, Visual Basic, etc. Collaborations are also being worked out with professional IT companies for industrial training of the students and for professional certifications.




ABUAD has two types of libraries: the General University library and the college-based libraries. Each of these two types is further divided into the virtual library and the traditional book library. Our traditional book libraries are well equipped with current books and leading journals in different disciplines.

Our virtual libraries are fully integrated into the virtual intellectual community. For example, the College of Law library is connected to the LexisNexis on-line international academic services, and Compulaw© Nigeria. There are enough computers available for the library users, apart from the fact that each office in the University is well furnished with computers which are also connected to the virtual libraries. 

Also, wireless internet access is available everywhere on campus which makes it even easier to access the virtual library through the access code without being physically present in the library hall.



ABUAD has several academic and non-academic publication outlets. The academic outlets include the ABUAD Multi-disciplinary Journal which focuses on multi-disciplinary approach to current research problems. This journal is published three times a year. It attracts high profile and well-researched articles subjected to anonymous peer review mechanism. Publication in this journal is open to both ABUAD and non-ABUAD academic scholars. Call for articles are usually advertised both on the internet and the print media.

Each College also has its own college journal where research outputs in the various colleges and outside are published. Call for articles for the college journals will soon commence.

There is also ABAUD Newsletter which provides the medium for informing the general public about current issues and events on campus, the various high profile visits from around the world to the University. The new letter is published monthly and is very exciting to read. Interested members of the public can subscribe for a free on-line copy of each edition by sending a mail to Such persons will also be required to fill in a form provided below.

Apart from the various University publications there are also various student publications emanating from different student groups. the students are encouraged to form student associations with meaningful programmes and activities that will enable them develop relevant academic, social and leadership skills.



Housing Services

Afe Babalola University is designed to be fully residential for both staff and students. The staff housing scheme is being developed in phases. The first phase contains 72 ultra-modern three-bed-room apartments. Presently, the University is accommodating its entire staff in the staff quarters, except those who by reason of proximity of their personal residence to the University chose not to live on campus.

Another junior staff quarters is under construction and is expected to be completed before the second quarter of 2011. Construction work on this has already reached an advanced stage. There are also immediate plans for the development of bungalows and duplexes for professors and senior staff of the University.

The University also has a housing loan scheme where loans are made available under certain guidelines to staff who desire to build their own houses. The Housing Scheme is managed by the University Estate Management Committee headed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor M.O. Ajisafe.


In conformity with the vision and mission of the Founder and President Emeritus of the University, Aare Afe Babalola, SAN, to make AfeBabalola University a world- class education centre in sports, the University Sports facilities are being developed with a grand design and master plan. Even before the grant of licence to the University by the National Universities Commission (NUC) various sporting facilities such as the Basket Ball Court, the Volley Ball, Football pitch, Lawn Tennis Court and Tennis Hitting Wall were already developed. The state of readiness of the sporting facilities in the University was part of the reasons why the NUC, during its first visit to the University, described it as a miracle. More sporting facilities have since been developed for both indoor and outdoor games with all equipment made available for maximal utilisation. Presently, the University is constructing a standard swimming pool which when completed will be comparable only to the best pools in the world.


There is also established a Directorate of Sports for the University which has been charged with the responsibility to develop sporting activities in the University to the highest attainable standards. The Director of Sports and the team of coaches have worked so hard to elicit the interest of all students in active participation in sports. Sports is in the main stream of the University curriculum and it is compulsory for each student to participate in at least one sport or recreational activity. In less than one year the University has already established five Sports Clubs, namely Football Club: male and female, Athletics Club: male and female, Volley ball Club: male and female, Tennis Club: male and female and Handball Club: male and female. These teams participate in different competitions and friendly games. For example, the University Basketball team defeated the much revered Ekiti State Basketball Team in a friendly match played recently on campus. The University also organises Inter College Sports Competitions. There are “President’s Trophies” to be worn in these sports, especially in football competitions where two successful editions have been organised by the University. The University is presently working out modalities for the participation of the students in national and international competitions like the West African University Games (WAUG) and Nigerian University Games (NUGA).


There are also arrangements for staff participation in sports. All staff members are encouraged by the University to actively participate in sports. Arrangements have been made by the University with the Ekiti Gulf Club for the training of staff members in gulf.

Apart from practical participation in sports all students in the University are taught two important sports related courses: “Fitness for Life” and “Health Awareness Education”. Through these courses the University ensures that all students are physically fit irrespective of their discipline, a culture they are encouraged to carry through their life-time.


List of Staff

Prof. M. O. Ajisafe, Professor of Sports Science   - Director of Sports

Dr. I A Salami – B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D- Chief Coach

Mr. B. Diyaolu – B.Sc 21; m.Sc.-Coach

Mr. Toba Bamitate: B.Sc.-Coach

There are also contract assistant coaches who are hired from time to time as occasions demand.

Proximity and Participation

The University houses all its students and staff on campus. This makes it possible for all students and staff to participate in sporting activities. The Sports festivals of the University are usually organised with this in mind with other side attractions which encourage the staff to attend with the members of their families. The sports facilities are also strategically located within walking distances.

The University is going places with sports. It is one of the visions of the founder to make the University a centre of excellence in sports in Nigeria. Even an average student who distinguishes himself or herself in sports can be awarded the University Scholarship just on the basis of that.






Phone 234 8030706711, +2348038521163, +234 8033509150, +234 8054300473.
Address km 8.5 along Afe Babalola Way, Ado-Ekiti directly opposite the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria.


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