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Ebonyi State

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Ebonyi State is one of six new states created in 1996 by late General Sanni Abacha’s administration when it was carved out of the old Abakaliki division of Enugu State and the old Afikpo division of Abia State. Ebonyi State has an estimated population of 4,339,136 based on the 2005 census and the inhabitants are spread across 5,935 square kilometers. The state is predominantly dominated by the Igbos with other minority ethnic groups from neighbouring states. The people of the state are predominantly farmers and traders. The main crops produced in the state are rice, yam, palm produce, cocoa, maize, groundnut, plantain, banana, cassava, melon, sugar cane, beans, fruits and vegetables. Fishing is also carried out in Afikpo.



Abakaliki Green Lake











Abakaliki Green Lake:

It is located right inside Government House. Small huts are built there for relaxation and for visitors to admire the many wonders of nature.

Amanchor Cave: The cave Is located at Amanchor in Afikpo South. The Cave is about 4 kilometers long. Plans are underway to develop this cave, as it is capable of attracting visitors to the site from within and outside the country.

Mkpuma Ekwa Oku Rocks: These are rocks naturally shaped like eggs. These rock formations have been there for ages. They are located at Ndieze Community in Izzi Local Government Area

Okposi Salt Lake:

This is located at Okposi in Ohaozzara LGA. The economic importance of this lake is enormous. It has served as the economic base for most of the rural women in the area.


Slave Market/Route in Ezza North/South










Slave Market/Route in Ezza North/South:

This is one of the legacies of the infamous trade on human cargo that took place In Africa.

Unwana and Ndibe Sand Beaches:

These beaches are respectively located at Unwana and Ndibe in Afikpo North LGA. The two beaches are part of extensive scenic golden sand beaches along Cross River basin. They are ideal centres for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, sport fishing, canoe-racing, and yachting.

 Unwana and Ndibe Sand Beaches











Iko Okochi Afikpo :This is an annual event that takes place in Afikpo, Ebonyi State from the last week of November to the second week of December. Iko Okochi is described as a friendship festival incorporating ceremonies of rites of passage. The festival begins with the Iko Onuoka “Masked Warrior Dance” and “Beauty Pageant” The greatest warrior and the most beautiful maiden are selected at the Iko Onuoka. The Festival concludes with the Iko Okochi when young men just come of age are initiated into the Ogo Age Group. This is followed by a spectacularly colorful parade of over 200 masquerades. The actual dates for these events may vary from year to year.




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