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Crashed Bellview Aircraft Not Bombed

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Aviation experts Sunday said there was no empirical evidence to suggest that the Bellview Airline Boeing 737-200 aircraft which crashed in Lisa, Ogun State on October 22, 2005, killing 117 people was bombed.

Dependable sources told THISDAY Sunday night that specimen of a part of the aircraft that emitted smoke was taken to an agency in the United States for investigation after which the report asserted that the aircraft was not bombed.

Also the reports of the three accidents that happened between 2005 and 2006, which include the Bellview flight crash, the Sosoliso Airline DC-9-30 aircraft that crashed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on December 10, killing 108 and ADC Airline Boeing 737 aircraft crashed in Abuja on October 29, 2006, killing 96 people were made available to Associated Press (AP), which exposed the report.

The report of the three crashes did not indicate that the Bellview flight was bombed.

AP reported: “According to the report, on the Oct. 22, 2005 crash of a Bellview Airlines flight that killed 177 people, including a U.S. citizen, showed the plane nose-dived into the ground at high speed. Investigators reportedly found only human remains that were “nothing bigger than toes and fingers.”

AP reported that the plane’s captain, a 49-year-old former pilot, “had been allegedly hired by Bellview after he had been working at a dairy for about 14 years, the summary read. The pilot also had been “shot in the head during a robbery attempt” during that break from flying, the report said.

The Bellview flight was said to have just taken off from Lagos to Abuja and plunged into the ground at Lisa, about 22 nautical miles from Lagos Airport.

A dependable agency source confirmed to THISDAY that investigation was carried out in the United States which investigated whether the aircraft was bombed and a very authoritative US agency released a report signifying that it was not bombed.
The source said no single body could be received because the passengers were blown into smithereens.

“The aircraft dove into the ground with full force so it disintegrated with its contents. I saw where it went into the ground; you could see the crater there. The tail bent and hit trees and broke into smithereens and that explained why the parts of the human bodies hung on the trees.”

The source also observed that if it was bombed the aircraft parts would have scattered over a long distance as the aircraft was in flight.

“The Lockerbie bombing (Pan am Flight 103 that was bombed and it crashed in Lockerbie on December 1, 1988) was blown across several kilometres because it was still flying.

“The parts of the aircraft was scattered several kilometres, but something brought the Belleview flight down. The crater was there which was created when it nosedived into the ground.”

AP quoting the report of the Bellview, Sosoliso and ADC investigation reports said: “The report also said that Nigerian officials have offered conflicting reasons for the three major crashes in 2005-2006, never releasing full reports on what happened.”

Article credit: Thisday Newspaper

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