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Hate your job? You probably live in the US

The relentless drudgery of working nine 'til five is a common gripe all over the world, but according to a survey by recruitment website, U.S. workers hate going to the office the most. The survey, which was sponsored by and conducted by market research firm GfK, found that 15 percent of American workers said they disliked or hated their jobs. This was the highest level of job dissatisfaction among workers surveyed in seven countries. GfK interviewed 8,000 people as part of the survey over the telephone, including 1,007 respondents based in the U.S. For the countries profiled – Canada, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, UK and U.S. –respondents were asked to choose one of five options when asked how they felt about their jobs: love it, like it a lot, like it, don't like it, don't love it at all. Of the U.S. candidates, just over half said they liked or loved their jobs, while 31 percent said they were merely satisfied. However, despite having the highest level of dissatisfied workers, the U.S. also clocked the highest amount of workers who said they loved their jobs so much they would do it for free, at 22 percent. Canadians are the happiest workforce, according to the findings of the survey, with 64 percent liking or loving their jobs and only 7 percent saying they disliked or hated work. Other happier workforces included the Netherlands and India, where 57 percent and 55 percent of the respondents said they were happy in their jobs, respectively. India had the lowest level of respondents saying they hated their jobs, at 5 percent.
Updated 5 Years ago