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Your bedspread must not lose the shine

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Your bedspread must not lose the shine


Bedspreads should never exceed a few days before you remove for washing. They could become heavily soiled and lose shine.

- Treat spots and stains with a spray pre-wash product. Before you clean your bedspread, dip a part in the detergent solution to check if the colour would bleed. If that happens, have your bedspread dry-cleaned.

- Employ a bigger washing machine for over-sized bedspreads. Having your machine over-crowded disrupts a good wash.

- Vacuum-clean blankets occasionally to remove dust and lint.

- Air blankets on the wash line periodically to give them a fresh smell.

- Before you wash a blanket, mend or replace bindings and treat spots and stains. - Nigerian news, Travel news, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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Updated 7 Years ago

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