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Welcome to my city: Shanghai greeters

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They are greeters, a community of volunteers who delight in showing visitors around their hometown. Yu Ran and Yang Yuqing find out the attractions of the job.

As a resident, Zhou Zhehao used to think he knew everything about Shanghai, but each time he guides visitors around the city, he says he learns something new.

"The world never lacks beauty, just the eyes to discover it," Zhou says.

The college student is a volunteer with the informal non-profit organization Shanghai Greeters.

As a "greeter" he shows visitors around the city for three to four hours each time, introducing them to local life and letting them taste local cuisine.

He became a greeter last year and has conducted more than 10 introductory tours and welcomed more than 400 visitors from about 20 countries.

"Students like me don't have the chance to go abroad frequently and see other places. However, by talking with visitors, I develop sketches of other countries in my mind. It is a good way to broaden my horizons and make friends," Zhou says.

Zhou studies information management at college, but he has been learning Spanish in his spare time and says being a greeter has helped him practice his language skills.

Article Credit: Chinadaily

Updated 4 Years ago

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