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‘We Started Kissing After Talking For Only 15 Minutes’

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‘We Started Kissing After Talking For Only 15 Minutes’


ADE had always been my friend right from the time I was in senior secondary school. Even though I had a boyfriend, kissing him or being more then friends was in the back of my mind.

Those days he would wait for me till I closed from school. And on my way home, he would kiss me. Nothing ever came out of that kiss. We actually began to drift apart.

After that kiss, I started trying to link him up with one of my friends because I thought that things weren’t going to work out well between us. I even tried connecting him with my best friend. After that, we drifted apart.

Before I knew it, four years had gone by and we hadn’t spoken a word to each other. I sat down thinking about him and decided to track him down. I heard he was now doing his youth service and I couldn’t believe it.

I was so happy for him and begged a relative of his to give me his number so I could call him. Eventually, when I called him, he reacted as if we were still best of friends.

What was even more amazing was how we both picked our friendship right up from where we had left off and talked like there had never been a lull in our friendship.

About a month or so after we started catching up on our friendship, we got onto the topic of things in the past, particularly about us. The question arose, how come we never dated, or if we were ever going to date.

I lied at first saying, “Well, a relationship is not what I need right now.” And he agreed that the long distance between us as well as the timing was not right.

But then a few minutes later, I had to confess that I really wanted us to get to know each other better and more intimately than we did in the past.

I simply said, “Ade, I want you. I’ve always wanted you and I always will. And it’s not fair that I’ve never had you.” And he replied, “Why can’t you have me?”

It was totally sweet. We both opened up and revealed that we’d always had this secret attraction going on between us and that we needed to see if there was anything behind it and anything we could do about it.

So, I agreed to take the weekend off and take a bus down to the state where he was serving and stay with him for a weekend. Neither of us knew how it would work out, or what would happen, or even how to live with each other for three days. But we knew we had to try.

I spent eight hours on the bus from Lagos to Niger State. But when I finally stepped off the bus and saw him standing there, waiting for me, I knew it was worth it.

Ade had not changed. He was completely the same... but so different in the sense that he was more caring, loving and mature in the way he treated me like a lady. He’d grown up so much.

I’ll never forget how our eyes met and I saw him standing there in faded jeans and a T-shirt. A smile came to our faces instantly.

We hugged and then headed back to his apartment. We started kissing after talking for only 15 minutes. Although we had kissed before over four years ago, it was like the first kiss: simple and sweet. Amazing in every way.

From then on, we acted like a couple throughout the whole weekend. Our traditional marriage will take place in two months’ time. - Nigerian news, Lifestyle news, naija, Nigeria, West Africa






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