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Uti defends title against Felix

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Uti defends title against Felix


The postponed fight between Nigeria’s Power Uti and American Super Felix will now hold on Monday (today) in Abuja.

The World Heavyweight wrestling bout was postponed last April due to unforeseen circumstances after Power Uti had snatched the American title in Lagos. Uti successfully defended his title against the American during the first fight in Abuja.

Uti said that two titles will be on the line in Abuja this time and promised to successfully retain both titles by beating the American.

“We both put our belts on the line in the first fight in Lagos. And by the contract we signed, there should be title defence within 24 hours but the fight was postponed due to some circumstances beyond our control,” Uti said. - Nigerian news, sports news, soccer, football, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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Updated 8 Years ago

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