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The perfect puff

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If there’s one thing I know about people who smoke cigars from my conversation with them, it’s that they don’t think they are going to die as quickly as the Federal Ministry of Health says they will. Which makes me wonder why I haven’t started puffing soot through my nostrils just yet. Especially since I have no idea how many sticks I’m to inhale before being classified as a socially acceptable man [P.S: I’m a woman], couldn’t tell you if the demographic besotted with lung disease is above or below 80 and despite intensive studies, I still feel the need to do more online research on ‘The Flick’, a skillful way of chocking the char off the butt of the cigar.

So I began hunting for the appropriate way to be introduced into this gang of daredevils who are content with living beyond the clouds; only this time, I would do it with as much class and elegance as possible. Lo and behold, I stumbled on the Cuban cigar.- a perfectly shaped work of art that is certain to leave you senseless faster than reading a rich tome on ancient history will.

The cigarro as it was originally called is a tightly rolled bundle of dried fermented tobacco, which was made globally popular by the explorer, Christopher Columbus, and three of his crewmen in 1492 as they traversed the eastern-European bloc.

After learning this, the piece of stick suddenly took on new meaning and value in my mind. Each puff makes you a part of ancient history; connects you with your ancestors – kind of like a ritual or a rites-of passing to the celestial. Apparently, you have to make a lot of difficult sacrifices to survive the roller coaster of emotions you are set to pass through with the experience. A bet I am not willing to take just yet. But for someone who thinks the Portuguese make the best wine, my opinion should only be considered after ten others have been sampled.

If you’ve still got your mind set on reaching this milestone, here are a few ways to join the upper crust of society simply by putting a wedge between your fingers:

First you need to figure out a way to identify a fake from an original. Now this takes some skill. According to experts, if they come cheap, without aluminum tubes and are not attached to a select variety from fancy brands like Quintero, La Flor de Cano and Fonseca…they are probably not the originals.

Once this hurdle is cross, you need to understand the technique behind chipping the butt off the cigar. There’s usually a fine line at the base where the cutting should take place for perfect symmetry.

Last but not least, try to keep it as odourless as possible by using a proper lighter instead of a matchstick. The flame from the lighter gives it a rich flavor and shows you’ve got some style too!

There you have it. Your right of passage to manhood- smoke a cigar, become a man.

Article Credit: Businessdayonline

Updated 4 Years ago

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