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Swiss lawmaker wants hijab banned from passport photos

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A Swiss politician, who's spoken out against burqas and the construction of minarets, now wants hijabs banned from passport photographs.

Walter Wobmann, a member of the right-wing Swiss People's Party, says it's not an issue of discrimination.
"It is unacceptable that you can wear a hijab in a photo but not a cap," Wobmann told the daily newspaper Blick. "This is not a question of religious freedom but of equal treatment."
Swiss police guidelines for passport and ID cards state that covering the head and face are unacceptable except for medical or religious reasons. In these cases, the face must be visible and free from any shadows.
The U.K. and the US also allow for head covering in passport photos, if it's for a religious purpose.
CNN has contacted Wobmann's office for comment, and is waiting to hear back.
The comments come at a time when Muslim women's clothing has experienced increased scrutiny across Europe.
The burkini -- a swim suit that covers the whole body except for the face, hand and feet -- was banned in parts of France. Germany has joined a host of European countries including Spain, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands and imposed some form of ban on the full-face veil.


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