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Rihanna hits fan with microphone during performance

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20. June


Rihanna recently performed in Birmingham, England where she got a little too close to fans.

A video uploaded to You Tube shows the singer performing one of her hit singles “We Found Love” near a group of screaming, supportive and clingy concertgoers.

As Rihanna strolls by with mic in hand, one aggressive fan decides to grab her jacket and not let go. So, in effort to release her grasp, the singer hits the fan over the head with her microphone.

According to The Huffington Post, one person went to Twitter and called the incident an accident.

But Rihanna soon clarified that the smack was intentional: “Purpose! That b— won’t let me go,” she tweeted.

The video has been uploaded to You Tube by several different users, with one clip receiving over 76,000 reviews.

Still, this number pails in comparison to the number of views Rihanna receives on her own channel where she has recently been dubbed as You Tube’s Most Viewed Artist, surpassing Justin Bieber.

Article Credit: Thegrio

Updated 6 Years ago

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