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Promasidor to Increase Investment in Nigeria

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Promasidor to Increase Investment in Nigeria

By Goddy Egene


Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell milk is planning to increase its investments with focus on the agricultural sector of the economy.

Founder of the company, Mr. Robert Rose, was quoted in statement to have disclosed this in an interactive session with the media in Lagos recently.

According to him, when they came to Nigeria 18 years ago, they did not have reliable data to know what would serve the market better. He explained that with what the company had done with its products over the years, not only has the company increased its market share but had also grown the market many times.

“We are increasing our investments and I can tell you that what Promasidor has done is nowhere near where its potential is. It will be based on an agricultural product which is grown in Nigeria, Soya beans, and it will improve the nutrition of everybody in this country. If you are already eating beans, then you should be familiar with Soya. Soya is one of the most nutritional vegetables. It has the same nutritional content as meat. It can be sold one third the cost of meat,” Rose said.

According to him, Promasidor had already done a market test in Kenya where the company taught the people how to grow the right variety of Soya. He added that it was fantastic product which they never thought they could grow before.

“We are already talking with some state governments (in Nigeria) to find a site for it. We cannot put a number to it at the moment but we are doing the research. The interesting thing about Soya is that it is a very viable crop. If you grow Soya this year then you can grow maize or any other cereal the following year. So, for the farmer it is an incredible crop and it is good for everybody. So if it is good for everybody then it will improve the nutrition of the country and it will improve the agricultural industry and it will be a win-win situation for everybody,” he said. - Nigerian news, business news, doing business in, naija, Nigeria, West Africa

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Updated 7 Years ago

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