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Prepare To Profit From BlackBerry Q1 2014 Earnings

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In what has become one of the must watch events each earnings season, BlackBerry (BBRY) has its next date with destiny scheduled for June 28th when the company will report its Q1 2014 earnings. The story will again focus on the continued success of the BlackBerry 10 phone launch, with this quarter specifically representing the first full quarter of sales for the Z10 model phone. Investors will also get a read through as to how well the just released Q10 model fared in its debut, and an updated look at how sustainable the service fee revenue stream will be in comparing the level from Q1 2014 to the prior quarter.

This continues to be a volatile battleground stock, but it certainly feels as if the news flow has seen a noticeable shift towards positive coverageof BlackBerry recently. The occasional hit piece still comes out from the analyst community, but you are more likely to see an analyst project a cautiously optimistic outlook instead of a "Debbie Downer" point of view. Even in light of a shift in sentiment towards a more positive outlook on the company, I still feel investors need to approach BlackBerry with guarded optimism. You do yourself and your portfolio a disservice if you blindly invest in the company with rock solid faith that the stock is guaranteed to move higher. The reality is look where the stock is today, compared to where it was after its last earnings report on March 28th. The proximity in the stock price to where it was about 75 days ago is a bit crazy. BlackBerry closed at $14.44 this past Friday, June 14th, and the image below shows the trading history for BlackBerry around its last earnings date of March 28th:

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Updated 6 Years ago

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