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Osugade emerges Mr. Ideal 2013

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The premises of Bespoke Center, in Lekki, Lagos State, was a beehive of activities on Sunday, May 19, as different fashion houses were on exhibition and competition for the most macho model of the event.

The excitement is wrapped in it being an all male competition and show.

Tagged Mr. Ideal, the organizer, Ayotunde Twitch Fabamwo, a London based entrepreneur, explains it as a celebration of fashion, music, and youthfulness. “It isn’t every time you get to see men compete in a fashion show”, he states.

Asked the rationale for and essence of the competition, Fabamwo says, “we want to approach the Male Collection Fashion Show in a way and manner that it becomes a major competition in Nigeria and that is the aim of establishing Mr. Ideal Nigeria. This year’s competition is bigger than the previous ones because we gave out a brand new car to the lucky winner, a return ticket to London to represent Nigeria at the Mr. Africa International 2013 and a start up business funds to help him become an entrepreneur, including other cash prizes. So it is a win, win, win situation. Yes they came to have fun and display their bodies in sexy outfits and the opportunity to travel out to join other international models.”

Explaining further, “this is Nigeria’s centennial. It is time we remembered the men too. It is high time we moved Male Macho Contest from being an all-comers’ affair to the professional level where one can earn a living through it. Remember, it can contribute to the nation’s GDP and develop our society, so that is the reason why the programme was set aside to encourage and motivate young men; especially upcoming youths who are talented, but abandoned by the society. Look, the idea of Mr. Ideal Nigeria, is to touch the lives of more notable young men to become great entrepreneurs, Mr. Ideal Nigeria offers the youths a bright future and is the reason most young models are participating in it because they believe we are ready to build them to became great models. For us, there must be an interface between academicians and male pageantry in Nigeria. What we are looking for is to build those who may not be educated but are talented, build and empower them financially, to set up a business  and become entrepreneurs.”

Hear him;  ‘male pageantry is a major attribute to encourage young people; yes we take it for granted in this part of the  world, we do not even consider its fitness and health values not even to talk about its artistic or financial values, unlike like the people in the western world who value it more. I thank God that our government is encouraging it gradually and that is why we have more partners like multinational companies supporting us and we have more contestants this year’.

It was a beautiful ceremony, well attended by several Fashion Designers and Make up experts like  Mutayz Mode, TT DALK,  Mutay de la Tusche,  D Sinatra, Fashion instinct, Zini, Dre,  Classique,  Olajiji-Footies, Mahogany international, Allure O Signature, Paws, Watch Locker, Leke shade, Milan’s, M One among others.

T o declare the programme opened with  a powerful dance performance by the contestant, selected out from the 36 states in Nigeria, which was pack with frenzy, and energy that got the audience trilled and glued to their seat at the show. As they simultaneously entertained the audience with their different chorography dance steps, their colorful costumes makes them looks radiant’s and added to the beauty of their performance.

At the end of the first dance performance which was an appetizer to the show, the contestant’ cat walked down  the runway wearing different sexy and attractive swimming suits which thrilled the crowed as most of their fans screams out in excitement watching them display their colorful pants

Oyinkansola, performed her, “SHOW ME THE KOKO” track while DIPP, KURRENT BROTHERS from South Africa and Gmak from London, entertained the crowd.

At the end of the competition, Okay Chidubem Osugade, Mr. Imo, was selected as the winner of Mr. Ideal  Nigeria 2013. He went away with a brand new KAI Car, return ticket to London to represent Nigeria at the Mr. Africa International 2013, while Mr. Kogi, Dayo Ifepariola emerged the first runner up and will be wearing the colours of Nigeria at the Mr. Earth International competition

Osugade, who was overwhelmed by his declaration as winner couldn’t contain his excitement and happiness. “I never expected to win.  I am extremely surprised, shocked and speechless. In fact, I have participated in different Male Macho contests and this is my first time of winning a major professional competition. I am definitely delighted at the turn of events in my life.  I believe it is my time to shine and God favored me”, he states close to tears.

Speaking on his prize money, he had this to say, “We cannot deny that most prize awards help to elevate the status of the winners. I am sure this one will help to elevate me and give me a new status. It will empower me to put more effort into what I am doing.”

In reaction to a question, Osugade protested, “I didn’t pay anyone to select me as the winner in this competition. I believe I won because I worked so hard to put in my best. It doesn’t make sense to beg or bribe anyone especially, the judges to select you as the winner. I don’t partake in such deceitful acts. I believe God was on my side and happy the show was transparent’

Members of the audience were unanimous in their appreciation of the event.

Article Credit: Daily Independent Newspaper

Updated 7 Years ago

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