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Online Security Measures You Need to Know

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In a recent study conducted by 1&1, more than half of those polled (67 percent) confirmed that they, or someone they know, have had their personal information lost or stolen as a result of doing business online. Online security is essential to the safety of your company and your customer, and neglecting it risks negative online experiences, lost trust and data loss. As a first step toward a more secure site, investigate what options your web hosting provider offers to alleviate these concerns. Here are some of the top features to look for:

1. Security Scans. Even though you may take all the necessary steps to protect your website against malicious activity, simple errors like a misspelling when writing code or forgetting to close a parenthesis, can make you vulnerable to potential hackers. As this risk can occur at any time, often without your knowledge, it can help to incorporate a security scanning tool into your online strategy. There are some companies that offer solutions allowing you to continually evaluate your site for any dangerous or questionable behavior. Such website security services can conduct regularly scans of cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and website applications across multiple pages, to name a few. Through this process, the scan will assess the need for upgrades to third party applications, determine the likelihood for data breaches, reveal if the website has been infringed upon, and provide any steps needed for users to regain optimal security of their website immediately.

2. Recovery Tools. It is easy to make a mistake when putting together all the components of a successful website needs. Be prepared in the event that important data has been overwritten or editing was done without saving as it will be time consuming, difficult and costly to retrieve it after the fact. Look into what your Web host can offer you in terms of a data recovery tool. Offering a heightened level of security when working on various projects, you can gain peace of mind knowing that all information is safely stored and saved should you need to retrieve it. 

3. Redundant Web hosting. In past years, many hosting providers have begun to incorporate redundancy into their product platforms. By mirroring data on at least two different servers, all downtime, be it intentional or unintentional, is significantly decreased and users can leverage up to 99.9 percent uptime. This level of reliability can be taken a step further with web hosts leveraging geo-redundant platforms. With this option, your data is hosted on two separate server clusters located in two geographically different locations. The added layer of security automatically switches the location of the housed data should one data center experience any disturbance in performance. While necessary maintenance is handled on the interrupted server, there is zero disruption on your website’s availability and thus a visitor’s online experience.

Creating a safe environment for your business and visitors is essential for delivering a successful online presence. By incorporating tools like these into your online strategy, you will be able to reduce potential harm to your website.

Article Credit: Entrepreneur

Updated 3 Years ago

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