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New Mexican trucking regulations to generate US$10bn benefit - ministry

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New regulations governing the maximum weight and dimensions of trucks in Mexico will generate a 125bn-peso (US$9.66bn) benefit over the next five years, according to the transport and communications ministry (SCT).

The new regulations specify a maximum weight of 75.5t per truck, impose a maximum speed of 80km/h and prohibit the use of specific highways for double-articulated trucks.

These measures will reap benefits because, among other factors, there will be a reduction in highway maintenance costs due to lighter vehicles, according to the SCT's cost-benefit analysis published on the federal regulation commission's (Cofemer) website.

The SCT and a group of industry bodies approved the new regulations on June 2 and the SCT's regulatory analysis has since been published for public comment.

Several fatal accidents involving trucks have made the headlines this year, putting pressure on authorities to improve oversight of the sector.

While the commission tasked with reviewing the new regulations approved the current draft, key industry groups such as the national road cargo transport chamber, Canacar, and the national association of private transport, ANTP, abstained in the vote on the measures.

"We didn't vote, not because we are either for or against, but because we didn't receive the proposal until Friday and so we only had a short time to review it," local paper El Economista reported Canacar director José Refugio Muñoz as saying.

A lack of time to review the draft was the main complaint among all six of the industry lobbying groups that abstained from voting.

The public has 60 days to comment on the bill.

Article Credit: Buenosairesherald

Updated 5 Years ago

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